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Introduction to the Herrin Family

Okay, I can finally introduce my family to all of you. This picture was taken on Dec. 2nd, the day of my nephew's blessing. It was a very good day. Rob stood in the circle during the blessing which meant so much to me. The back row is my Dad, Don and my Mom, Kerry Lynn. Next is me and Rob and then my cousin Heather and her husband Russ. The bottom row is my grandpa, J. Elliot Cameron (the one who worked with Earl Crockett at BYU), my grandma Maxine (we call her Gramine), Jackie, my sister-in-law, is holding Kyle (1 1/2 months) and my brother Taylor, is holding Claire (2).
My dad is a professor at the University of Utah. He teaches in the Family and Consumer Studies Dept. My mom is the production designer for the Friend magazine. They met on a blind date through a mission companion of my dad, and even though my dad lived in Seattle at the time and my mom in Provo, it didn't stop my dad from making that drive 10 times in 4 months to see my mom. He was definitely "whooped" as we would say. Therefore, my parents have little sympathy for the 45 minute drive Rob and I have to make to see each other:)
Taylor and Jackie met through my mom. Jackie was Miss Utah and my mom was her seamstress. They were married in Dec. 2002 and have since had, as you can see, two beautiful children. Taylor is in the Masters program in Family Therapy at Utah State.
And that's my family. A lot smaller than yours. They are amazing though. I can't wait to meet all of you in about a week. Mexico will be a blast!

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Relative in the News

Looks like a long-lost cousin is in the news. If Willie continues his practice of shooting those rabbits, maybe he can find a bear and be famous too.

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Cell phone pics

A couple of random bad-quality pics from my cell phone as I attempt to further procrastinate from studying for finals:

A trip to Henrys':

From last year's Christmas vacation:

I also posted that picture to make Scott jealous because I boarded in 3 feet of fresh powder at Sundance today. Wonderful day.


This picture really does say a thousand words. Here we have Mom, posing for the camera and there's Will right by her side. Then Nate, looking goofy and up to no good. Owen is the best part though! Owen, Owen, OWEN! OVER HERE! Hey, OWEN!

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I refuse to let this so called "Christmas Card" be shown to the public until I approve of the information revealed about me in the so called "letter." Stand up for yourself and fight the power! Who's with me?

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Just wanted to say "publicly......"

Congratulations to my husband!! He recently snagged a full time position with the City of Santa Clarita!!! And I have to say it's about time. He had been interviewing for this job for over a month! We are very happy and relieved to know that we can stay here long term. He will be working in the Public Works department as a Project Technician. So I suppose being an intern paid off, right dear? Now you'll just have build a good rapport and hold open a job for Ryan once he's finished. *Wink wink*. I'm proud of you honey!

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Hey Ryan, what's up. Kobe says hi.

I don't know how they won in Denver - Sasha only had a measly 3 points.

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Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!! Sorry, this was the most recent picture I could find of you. Hope you don't mind. You've been saying for years how you have one foot in the grave and how you picked out your grave sight, so I thought this picture was perfectly appropriate. I hope you have a great day! I know it's probably cramped in there with no air, but cheer up, mom should be joining you soon. She has less than nine months. We love you!

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Go Cougars

At the BYU game today:

Scott and Kelli you missed a great game.

Here's us celebrating the touchdown at the end of the game:

More pictures here:


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Selected photos

Here are some selected family photos.

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just kidding!

Hey you know that game that Dad said he would take a bunch of people to on Thanksgiving? Well yeah, he was just kidding. There is no game against Denver on that night. And he has no suite tickets. So um, sorry, Dad kind of got confused.

no laker game

No laker game on Thanksgiving dad lied. He said that he was mistaken, but there will be a game on Christmas. BTW, Cindy and I had a contest and I won.

Study finds men with more than 3 kids are more likely reach the milestone

So is dad going to live to 150?

Farming, Fatherhood Hallmarks of Men Who Live to 100

Mission Call

For all those that are interested, Josh got his mission call! He's going to the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission, and he reports to the Sao Paulo MTC on January 30th. He's very excited and anxious to get out there.

This is no news to Rob, who ran into Josh's Dad in the bathroom at church, and Scott, who's in Josh's ward and sat in on Josh's ordination on Sunday with me and the rest of Josh's family. Ah, the joys of going to BYU and having all three of our wards meet in the same building around the same time.

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Bob's Big Award

You wanted to hear about Bob's big award. Well, here it is. This is Mom writing; I am using Bob's log in account because I have temporarily forgotten my password. Here are two pictures from the event. Never mind the fact that the photo looks like it was taken in a common 80s-era Church building. Not so.

Bob, as you know, is a local Los Angeles lawyer. He has a reputation for being tough and unreasonable.
Last weekend, the California Association of Retired School Bus Drivers gave Bob the award for California's Big Shot Lawyer -- He Who is Better Than Everybody Else on the Planet Especially Bill Clinton, or "CBSLHWIBTEEOTPEBC" for short.

Bob was required to give a speach. He credited his wife for helping him become a good spellster. He credited his kids for helping him become broke. He credited his ward for helping him become insane. He credited his sons-in-law for helping him figure out that life is one big rip off and then your daughters move out.

But, most of all, he credited himself for his astonishingly good looks and high intellect, and I tend to agree with him.


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Here is a link to the gallery of our pictures from the weekend.

I am holding my diploma because after 3 years I finally went and picked it up from the administration building.

The sister missionaries in the pictures practically walked right in when I was proposing. They were good photographers.

We went to La Vals on north side of campus, an old hangout, with some college buddies before the game.

The game was soaking, soaking wet and rather miserable. It was a steady drizzle the whole time. Yes, I was pretty much the only one that wanted to stay. Tawni, Nate's wife, had flip flops on. We lost to USC by a touchdown, but oh was fun (for me only?).

I got water in the camera so that's why the photos from the next day are fogged up. It's ok now though, the camera has dried out.

P.S. Mom I'm anxious to see your post on what Dad did this past weekend. Get Nate to help you.

Friday, November 9, 2007


So I was enjoying being a menace, but along came a girl. Today in San Francisco I got engaged to Whitney. We got engaged at the Oakland temple which has the best view of the entire bay area. Even though we talked about getting married (and set our date a while ago), Whitney had no idea I was proposing and she was surprised. We're working some things out so we will be getting a civil wedding first. Whitney's bishop will perform the ceremony.

For those of you who don't know her, this is Whitney:

She's pretty much the coolest girl I've ever met. She was born in Seattle and was raised in South Salt Lake. She served a mission to Lima, Peru. She has been back about 2 years. We chat in Spanish. She is 24. She is graduating from the U of Utah with a degree in History in December. History majors are smart people, you know. We met at the law firm I was clerking for last summer in Salt Lake - she was (still is) working as a document clerk. They will probably fire one of us when we get married, and I'm probably gone because they love her so much there.

She is very intelligent and thoughtful and I love her very much. She's a deep thinker. She's my dream girl. For all of you who don't know her (and all of you who will get to know her), I believe you will love her.

P.S. Just kidding about the civil thing. Salt Lake is our temple. Feb. 15th is our day. Hope you all can make it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Baby Bingham

Introducing the newest member of our family!!! This is the baby's face with "its" mouth open and its little profile shot! Oh yeah, and if you care to know the gender, just click on the picture and check out the heading at the top! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lakers v. Nuggets

I have Lakers v. Nuggets tickets Thanksgiving evening for those who want to go. First come first serve. I think I'll have 12, maybe more. Eight in our suite; my four premier tickets.

Ryan, can you buy me my own Carmello jersey? I'll pay you back.


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1952 Photo

OK, here's another one Dave just sent me. Can anyone identify everyone in this picture from 1952? The hint is: four of them are our ancestors.

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OK, this is really what's going on. Maybe you will be able to tell who sent me these pictures based on the answers.


Another photo for the guessing game:

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New banner

Hey, just wanted you guys to check out the new banner I put up. I tried to go for sort of a fall look.Tell me what you think?

Picture Request

Can anyone find the kindess in their hearts and supply me with a family picture? One with all the lil' kids like Tucker in it, too. Thanks.

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Guess Who

Let's play a game.

1. Identify the person in each of the following pictures. (Shouldn't be too hard.)
2. Tell us what you think each person is doing. (That should be a little more difficult.)

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Cadence likes to hula-this has nothing to do with the post.

Since we are leaving for Mexico in two months, I figured we should start practicing our Spanish. Besides vamos a cantar, that is about most of what I know. I'm thinking we could ask a question in English and have one of our many Spanish speakers translate for us.

I'll start, how do you say: Where is the nearest hang gliding store so I can search for my lost child ?

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Signal Article

Here it is, again.

Dad's in the Papers! Check this Out

Look at this!

I made the papers in this Signal article.

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Buckweed Fire Rips Through Lombardi Ranch

So yes, mother, I now feel bad about making fun of Lombardi ranch only just a few days ago.

Meadow Ridge fire knocked down

Some good news:

The Meadow Ridge fire near the Newhall Pass was declared "knocked down" about 8 a.m. after burning only 12 acres, said Inspector Ron Haralson of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The fire, which broke out about 4 a.m., was no longer active, he said.

"We've got crews in the area working to extinguish hot spots, but we don't see that fire getting any larger than it is right now," Haralson said.

--Tami Abdollah

Well that's good news. Good luck guys. Sounds crazy.

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Some pics of Cadence!

Okay, so I know every parent thinks their own child is the most adorable, lovable creature on the planet. So it should should come as no surprise to any of you that I will now post pictures of whom I think is the most adorable, lovable creature on the planet.
The picture below is so classic. Note the saying on her shirt. And the fact she's playing in a box. This picture only somewhat captures how insanely excited she was to see live chickens and other foul.
Again, she was SO excited.
This is typical Cadence. Cruising by herself in a crowd of strangers.
This is only one of many pumpkins she HAD to sit on.
This next one only Sean will appreciate I'm sure. The man in the maroon polo is Tony Hale, a.k.a Buster from Arrested Development. Casey and I basically stalked him throughout Lombardi's debating about whether we should say something to him. We didn't.

Happy Birthday to CASEY!!!!

To my wonderful hubby:

I hope your 76th birthday is fun-filled. I really hope you utilize the walker I gave you and your cool new bifocals. Your hearing aid is in the mail and should be arriving shortly.

Okay okay, just kidding. I love you Casey. Happy 28th birthday!!! You are an amazing father, husband, brother in-law and son. You are so fun to be around and you make everyone feel special. Here's to another wonderful 28 years.....and then some!! I HEART YOU!!!!

We miss CA!

We are so happy to be back with Ryan, but we do miss you all! We had a fun time. Check out some more pictures on the Severts blog. Dad, you should post the pictures of you and the boys. I want to see them!


This was was on, although they don't look too thrilled, do they?

Hide and seek!

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Janis is pregnant

Check out Chris and Janis's blog:

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New Banner Idea

Hey guys. I was just thinking. Since a lot of people are probably bored of the current banner, I'm thinking of making an animated one where all of the family member's pictures appear one by one, and then they all disappear and it says "Crockett's Eleven" in like fancy writing. What do you guys think? I'm also thinking of changing the template and such.

2000 Vacation

Where's Lindsay and Rob?

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Vamos al Mexico!!

It's done!! Finally!! And I have the headache and backache (from sitting at the computer for so long and talking with the ESL students at Travelocity) to show for it. But that's okay, because we're going to Mexico. I think I got us some good places for over $15 grand less. I'm super excited for the ruins and those blue, blue waters of the Carribbean. I hope you're all excited...and if you're not, well, don't tell me about it. Or Dad or Mom.

Oh, one thing, I wasn't able to get everyone on the same flights for all of the time. Tucker and Cadence will be coming a couple hours later. Cadence, of course, doesn't need a seat, so she'll be sitting on Tucker's lap. Hope they don't get too bored during the layover in Mexico City.

Here are some links to check out:

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Dad Post No. 2

My brother writes about me in the 100 mile run he just did. I ran about 40 miles with him.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

New post-Where oh Where???

So, where should we go, what should we do? Majority of the fam doesn't want to go someplace cold, so that leaves out most of the country. Florida is too far and the flights would be too much money. So, basically, where in CA should we go? I think we should go to San Diego.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Christmas Vacation

This confirms that each of us departs Dec. 26, and that we return on Jan. 2. If that is not the case, please let me know.

Please confirm again your passports. Do you have them? If not, it will be big trouble.

Here is where we are going. Couldn't afford Cancun so we are going to Bisbee, Arizona, and we can use our passports to go into Sonora. And all the attractions -- copper mines, bird observatory.

Note the Turquoise Valley Golf & RV Park, with a 747-yard Par 6. Since Bisbee can be in the 20s it might be cold, but should be fun!


New Deacon!

Hey everyone. Today is Nate's 12th birthday! Its hard to believe that the little boy who used to scoot around the house on his bottom is now going to be passing the sacrament. Is the ward ready for that? Happy Birthday Nate!! We all love you very much. I know you will continue to make us proud and happy to know you.

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So I finally got a new phone, which means a new number as well. Unfortunately in order to get this super cheap plan from Sprint (Sprint Employee plan SERO) I had no choice but to get a new number as well; in this dreaded Utah area code.


So spread the word.

ps. Dad (if you're reading this), I'm going to give it a little less than a month to see how this phone works out, then you can cancel my number under your account.

I'll let you know when.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dad Post

Hey Scott and Sean, you are ignoring my emails. I have a chance to buy a condo in north Provo. Are you interested? You'd all have your own bedrooms.

What are your current email addresses?


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Kelli update

So, I haven't posted a blog in a while and thought I would do so while waiting for the bus.

School is fine, one of my political science classes is pretty tough and consumes most of my studying time. Other than that my classes are good. President Hinckley is speaking for devotional tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that very much. And John Roberts is coming next month or something, I can't wait.

Everything else is good with me. I haven't heard anything about that little witch of a roommate that stole my stuff, I think she's a gypsy. Chelsea, my other roommate, talks incessantly of her wedding. I guess I don't blame her. Scott and I partied together again last night. It was sweet.

So, funny story. I was sitting in the JSB this morning, because I was waiting for a lecture for my other political science class to start (Jack Rakove was speaking). There were a ton of people in there, and the table I was sitting at was all full. All of the sudden, the kid across from me passes me a note saying "Would it be terribly forward of me to ask your name?" I passed the note back to him and told him my name and talked to him for a second, then quickly escaped to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to sit through the entire lecture with him. Poor guy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Yes, today is Ryan's birthday. The big 3-1!! Tucker, Luke and I are so blessed to have him for a father and husband. He is kind, considerate, righteous, funny, a hard worker, smart, compassionate, so fun to be with and so many other things! He's very busy these days and while we miss him a lot while he is gone, we are so grateful for all the hard work he does to provide for us, especially so that I can stay home with the boys. We love you, honey! Happy birthday!!

I love poop so much. I love it more than Ryan, that's for sure.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Muse concert!

So Rob and I just got back from what was my first concert I've attended. We went to go see Muse at the (funny) David O McKay Center @ UVSC. All I can say is.... well not say since my voice is gone, but all I can type is AMAZING!

We got their @ 7:15 or so, and some mediocre band called "Immigrant" was performing to a bored crowd. Far as we could tell they were all white dudes, so much for the name. Then Julliete Lewis's crappy CRAPPY band performed for like 10 songs.... when she told the crowd "We've got one more song to play for you guys!" We all cheered, and she laughed. It seemed like it was taking forever for Muse to get on stage.

Anyhow, once they got on (@ 9:30), it was a TON OF FUN and a mind blowing experience! They are absolutely fantastic live, as many bands tend not to be.

I came out dehydrated, with several pulled muscles and aching legs, sore throat, back pain, nearly mute and deaf, but it was all worth it. Had a fantastic time. Which is hard to come by up here! At least for me.

In a couple weeks Scott takes a break from the Lord's University to go with me to see some Pumpkins get Smashed. Same place @ UVSC.

So there, I posted something!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Thought I would check in with everyone

So, I've finished my first week back at the Lord's university. It's been great. Looks like my classes will be a breeze, I think I don't even need to attend them. There are a lot more guys around this city than I would prefer, but that's life.

Kelli is basically my neighbor and I see her all the time. Some times she comes over to our huge parties. I haven't been to Rob's place yet, supposedly he lives pretty close too. Sean has a nice place. With his computer setup he looks like a big time hacker.

My place is nice and my ward is all grad students. Next time I update is when I'm engaged.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HATS n' stuff

1) I just got a new camera and I have been playing around a bit . These are my two favorite shots dealing with hats. What do you guys think?

2) My internship is going well. I sometimes die from sitting at a desk all day. Anyone have any good advice to not be so bored??

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sean and Tucky at IHOP

Here's a nice picture of Sean and Tucker outside the IHOP in Lehi. It was great to see both Sean and Rob on our Utah trip, if but only for a couple of hours. Sean, when we talk with Tucker about having breakfast with you guys, he says, "Eat Sean's bacon!" Guess we know what's important to him!