Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HATS n' stuff

1) I just got a new camera and I have been playing around a bit . These are my two favorite shots dealing with hats. What do you guys think?

2) My internship is going well. I sometimes die from sitting at a desk all day. Anyone have any good advice to not be so bored??

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sean and Tucky at IHOP

Here's a nice picture of Sean and Tucker outside the IHOP in Lehi. It was great to see both Sean and Rob on our Utah trip, if but only for a couple of hours. Sean, when we talk with Tucker about having breakfast with you guys, he says, "Eat Sean's bacon!" Guess we know what's important to him!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

On Top of the Rockies

Ryan and I had a blast hiking Mount Massive with two of Ryan's friends, James and Travis. Mount Massive is the third highest point in the contiguous United States, at 14,421 feet. It is 12 feet lower than Mount Elbert, the highest point in the Rocky Mountains, and 84 feet lower than Mount Whitney. Some guy arriving at the peak after us declared to everyone "Well, you are now 50 feet lower than Mount Ranier!" What a dork. He was so wrong and I wanted to "bump" him off the mountain.

Despite how high it is, you can hike it in about 7 hours from the trailhead.

We started in Leadville, CO, which is the highest incorporated city in the contig. U.S. at 10,152 feet For perspective, athletes complain that Denver is so high, and Denver is at about 5,280 feet. I hung out in Leadville for almost 3 hours while Ryan and friends did some off-roading. I was pulled over by Officer Joe for traveling three or four seconds without turning my headlights on. He gave me a "huge break" in his words and didn't ticket me.

In this picture I took from the road, you can see Elbert on the left and Massive on the right.

Here are some more pics:

On our way up, pointing to Massive:

We are only a few minutes from the top here:

Part of our awesome view (click for bigger view):

In this picture, you see we were actually there. Above my head to the left, behind the peak in the foreground, is Mount Elbert (see above). Above Ryan's head to the right, with the snow on it, is La Plata Peak, 14336 feet (8th highest in contig. U.S.).

Ryan's friends were good hikers and kept a good pace. It was a lot of fun. The view at the top really was breathtaking. Thanks to Ryan for inviting me.

Oh, check out this panoramic picture of the view from the top I made by stitching some pictures together. It's a really large picture, so it may take some time to load.

Placerita, woo!

Yeah, I just started Placerita, which now means I am 30% cooler. Haha, just kidding. I know someone in every one of my classes, so it's not too bad. It's a lot better than Peachland, and the days seem to move by a lot faster.

Oh yeah, Rob, Mrs. Kwalls (I think thats how you would spell it) says hi. She's Mrs. McCall now.
And Carly, Mr. Cota says hi too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Flashbacks of the First Family

Here's a random old photo I found the other day. Ahhh, the good old days. Here we are in my closet. Looks like we made some kind of hideout or something. I remember that little hideout, actually, with the umbrella and the blanket. Look at Carly looking so adoringly at her big sis. And what's that she's got in her hand, a snotty Kleenex? Oh no, that's her Blanket. We sportin' some stylin' duds, especially me with me St. Jude Mathathon t-shirt. Oh yeah.

I have a few more random photos like this--don't know why I have them here, but I'll share them.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Happy Birthday Rob. This "menace to society" thing is getting pretty serious. You're border lining on "ULTRA menace to society." Anyway, I hope you have a good day. Make Sean bake you a cake.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Portland Pictures!

Well, finally I have posted some pictures of what I've been up to here in Portland. Most of them are from the Washington Square Rose Gardens in downtown Portland. It was actually a beautiful day and not cloudy for once, and the girls had lots of fun!
At the rose gardens. That's actually downtown Portland in the background, you just can't see because of the trees.

Hah it was an exhausting day. Cecilia is so funny.

This one is hilarious. It's from last Sunday, we got them ready for church and then found these fairy outfits Tamara had. They both loved them, it was adorable.

Cecilia is just so pretty.

This one is actually from Tamara's friend's store in the Pearl district of Portland. James, Catherine, Whitney (who coincidentally knows our cousin chase), Jessica, Cecilia, and me. Pretty much the whole gang everyday at the Faucette house. Except for Tamara, who's not allowed to go anywhere.

This one is funny because of the lone tear running down Cecilia's face. We just got them out of the car, that's why.

Cecilia loves to give hugs to everyone. Especially Catherine though.

Me and Cecilia.

Jessica and Catherine.

That's it for now! Sorry that was a lot. There's just too many to choose from. The other day James was saying how they have over 3600 pictures of the girls, and that's just from their first 9 months. Mom, why aren't there 3600 pictures of my first 9 months?? Haha just kidding.

If you need to call me or HAVE called me

My phone is broken. Most of the time I cannot place calls (it calls, but on my side it just freezes while calling), or receive them (soon as I press answer it hangs up). Text messages appear to work. So, I'm in the middle of moving my crap to Rob's vacant apartment to live for 5 days, so no time to try and get a new phone atm. Soon as I'm settled I'll work on it.

OCCASIONALLY I can get it to work if I hit it really hard. Like this morning it worked for a bit so I could check my voice messages....

Apparently someone thinks I'm Rob, and wants to set plans up for a blind date. IS THIS A SIGN?

Just kidding, Rob I'll try and get more info for you.... it sounds like uhh Grandma CiCi? Not sure though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary to US!

Today Casey and I have been married for 3 years! Woohoo! Go us! He brought home some beautiful flowers for me. I love them! We won't be celebrating today because I'm feeling quite poopy, but hopefully we can get out this weekend and go somewhere fun! I'm so glad Casey asked me out those many years ago! I'll never forget watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but not actually watching it because we talked the whole way through it! :) I love you Casey. You are a wonderful husband, father, brother in-law, son, son in-law and so on and so on. Everybody loves you. You are fun to be around and you make people feel like...well....people! Thanks for marrying me! Happy Anniversary!

Shameless bragging

I was reading this article on President Faust and I noticed something cool. He started his career at the firm I am clerking for:

In his earlier years, President Faust's experience as an attorney with Fabian & Clendenin, and his service as a Democratic representative in the Utah Legislature, "helped him to understand how important it was to be sure the facts were all being considered" in making decisions.
Cool huh?,5143,695199706,00.html

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nate and Dad Climb Half Dome; Tadd Stays with Buds

Nate, Scott and I climbed Half-Dome while Tadd stayed behind on the ground to hang out with his buds.

Hey, I'm back

I just got back Friday night. Here are the links to the photos.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Mt. Massive

Hello Everyone,

I just want everyone to know that whoever wants to make the little jaunt out here to CO on the 22nd, you are invited to climb Mt. Massive with Rob and me. Casey, Sean, Scott, Bob, Debbie, Willie, Abby? Any takers? I know we're a little far away, but I wanted you to know the invitation is there. Also, our little family is taking a road trip to Utah on the weekend of the 17th before school starts. I might try to climb Timp with my brother again, so if any of you are there, let's do it again.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

4th Anniversary

Today is mine and Ryan's 4th anniversary--crazy! We had a sitter all lined up and were all set to celebrate sans kids, but Tucker got sick. He's got another one of those fever things again, poor kid. So we'll have to go out alone another time. Oh well. These have been the four happiest years of my life. I hope those of you who aren't married yet find someone as wonderful as Ryan. Sorry, Carly, too late for you. Casey will have to do, I guess. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Scott and Willy

Thought I'd post this here, kind of a nice picture of Scott and Willy hangin out.

It's a tad blurry and fuzzy. I had to up the brightness a bit in photoshop because the exposure was too low.

Call out to Sean

Okay Sean I know you're out there. I think we are all looking forward to reading a post from you. I, for one, want to be uplifted by your zany sense of humor and droll wisdom. (What?!) I expect a comment from you very soon. Can't wait.

Monday, August 6, 2007

17 kids

I saw this family all over the news recently:

They just had their 17th kid (a girl) and the mom says she wants more. I caught them on one of the early morning shows before I left for work yesterday and some of the things the kids said reminded me of our family.

However, the kids said their parents do one thing that left me feeling rather neglected. They said that there is a sign up sheet on the fridge for "1 on 1 time with mom or dad." Mom, why did we never have this??? I mean I guess I grew up when less kids were around, but think of the boys! There should be a sign up sheet. Cindy, print one out and post it on the fridge.

1 on 1 time with dad could be a punishment - sit in his office while he does work. I kid, he'd probably take you for ice cream or something.

Also at what point do you have enough kids that you are worthy of your own website? Is 11 not enough? Mom, if only you'd have twins we'd be famous.


Let me just say that it has become routine to have one of the girls throw up on me every day. Yesterday it was Cecilia, right before bedtime, and today Catherine decided to blow chunks all over my leg. It was quite tasty.
Life here in portland is fun! James is off on business right now and won't be back till Thursday, so we'll see how things go these next few days. I gave both Catherine and Cecilia baths and put them both to bed tonight because Jessica went to FHE. It is tough to put both of them down to sleep, but they are such sweet girls. They are so different and I love them both so much! Except that lately Cecilia has taken to picking up her heavy wooden letter blocks, crawling over to Catherine, and banging them on her head. She just gets a little too excited, I guess.
Welp! That's all from me today! I'm tired and covered in baby food, drool, and puke.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tinkle Time!

Hi the title? I just wanted to annouce that tonight I am a proud mommy. We started potty training Tucker today (well, yesterday, halfheartedly) and after a few accidents this morning in his big boy underwear, this evening he went three times on his potty! He even told us himself, I didn't have to ask him. He was so proud of himself and I'm excited that he is catching on so quickly. Of course, I'm not naive and I except many more accidents, but still, I am quite pleased with him. Just thought I'd share.

Concerts and Birthdays

So here are some pics from Concert in the Park last night. It was a gay ol' time. I pulled my big fleshy mass together and actually had fun. I hope mom did too since it was her big birthday outing!! One of the pictures is of Mom, Cadence and I dancing. Cindy was supremely embarrassed. Mom is quite the dancer, but I was saddened because I didn't see any "arms above the head" movements. She saves that for special company. Anyway, the group that performed was called Captain Cardiac and the Coronaries. Mom rated them B-. Mom has high standards.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Yay, Mom!!


I know I'm not the first to say it, but I'm the biggest, right? :) No seriously, I hope you have a great birthday, Mom. I'm sure you're not that excited about it being your birthday, but really, your life is worth celebrating! You've accomplished so much in your lifetime and continue to do so every day. You are an tremendous influence for good upon countless numbers of people, especially the 17 of us (I think that's right) who are so blessed to be apart of your immediate family. I can't wait to see what else you've done in 30plus years, (yes, that's right!) because you're still going strong. I love you!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOM!!!! Wooohooo....she probably thinks I forgot since I've been so blobby but I just wanted to throw this out there. How old are you now mom....25? 26? You look great either way. I love you!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Hey fam. Tonight we had a rare night off here at the Faucette's. James came home pretty early and took over for with the twins. Jessica and I went to see Bourne Ultimatum, and I agree with Scott, I actually liked it and I usually don't particularly enjoy action movies. So that was fun, although I'm pretty tired now. The girls get up at around 6 every morning so Jessica and I switch off on who gets up. Luckily tomorrow it's not my turn :). It's pretty tiring taking care of both of them, but they are so much fun to play with all day. Recently they've discovered that they can steal toys from each other, and that's been fun! Hah not really. But as an added plus, I now know all the lyrics to the Sesame Street theme song! Anyways. Sounds like Carly is pretty blobbly these days, that's too bad. And Tucker stories are always funny. Welp, I'll right again when I get a chance!

checking in

So, decided I would put my 2 cents in, because Lindsay told me to. I guess I should considering she is the CFO/secretary of the family.

We are off to Yosemite today. I'm looking forward to spending a week with deacons and mosquitoes.

I saw Bourne Ultimatum last night ( yea Casey sorry man, I had to jump at the chance. I'll see it again with you when I get back if that's cool). It was some sweet action. I highly recommend it.

So I'm kind of new to this blogger stuff, hope you liked my post. Peace out

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nice, Tadd

P.S. Tadd, you've sure aged a lot since I saw you last.

That's what I'm talking about

Hey, glad to see Cindy and Tadd finally decided to join the Cool Club. I was about to post something about how you guys are the only ones totally MIA. Well, Dad still is, but we can excuse him, seeing as how he's a big shot lawyer and bishop and all. I'm sure he'll appreciate this in good time. Now I don't think Scott has posted on here, but at least he's checked in. Oh, and if Willie and Owen want to, too, they're more than welcome. I just figured they didn't have email addresses quite yet, but maybe they do...

So we Severts had a great time camping. Check out our blog for some sweet pics. We think Tucker's favorite part of the whole thing was getting to use a flashlight because every time we talk about our trip, that's what he says. Either that was his favorite thing, or eating like 50 marshmellows. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the smores. The last time we went camping I was where Carly is now and everything was about as appetizing as dirt, even chocolate.

Speaking of that, so are you sicker this time around Carly? Maybe it's a boy then! What does Mom think?

Well, I guess this is long enough. Tucker says hi.

Awesome KC picture XD

Here's another thing I made of Casey.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Sweet I'm the last one to join. This is cool. I'm too lazy to post a pic of my new haircut, but no one would care anyway. So I'm leaving tomorrow as Nate already stated. Should be cool. Later.

P.S. Mom when are we getting a swing set dang it!?


Well, I have finally joined this very talked about family blog! There's some pretty interesting stuff on here, I must say. We need to get Dad to contribute on here too! I'm sure he'll have some funny stuff to say.

On Friday

Tomorrow Tadd, Scott, Dad, and I are leaving for that 50 mile hike. Should be really cool, I'll see if I can get pictures.