Monday, August 6, 2007

17 kids

I saw this family all over the news recently:

They just had their 17th kid (a girl) and the mom says she wants more. I caught them on one of the early morning shows before I left for work yesterday and some of the things the kids said reminded me of our family.

However, the kids said their parents do one thing that left me feeling rather neglected. They said that there is a sign up sheet on the fridge for "1 on 1 time with mom or dad." Mom, why did we never have this??? I mean I guess I grew up when less kids were around, but think of the boys! There should be a sign up sheet. Cindy, print one out and post it on the fridge.

1 on 1 time with dad could be a punishment - sit in his office while he does work. I kid, he'd probably take you for ice cream or something.

Also at what point do you have enough kids that you are worthy of your own website? Is 11 not enough? Mom, if only you'd have twins we'd be famous.


Lindsay said...

Oh yeah, I'm quite familiar with the Duggars. They've had some shows on TLC, I think. It's cool they have so many kids, but I think they kind of give big families an interesting and incorrect reputation. People who hear about them think all big families live on farms, make their own clothes (and wear matching clothes, at that) do everything from cleaning to "one on one time" assembly-line fashion, and are home schooled. And that the kids are neglected because the family doesn't have much money simply because they are so many kids. What I think is that they should do a show on our family for a different take on the big family. Although, it may not work because everyone would just clam up as soon as the camera crews came through the door.

debora said...

Is that the family where all the kids names start with "J"?
sorry you feel neglected Rob. I'll try to give you one on one time when you come home to visit. Or is it too late?
I think you turned out pretty well anyway. All of you so far.
Hope I can hang in there. I think I did my part in multiplying and replenishing, don't you?

Carly said...

Yeah I've heard of these peeps. I must say though, she needs a major makeover. Mom, please don't ever grow your hair out like her. She probably hasn't had a hair cut since....ever.

Ryan said...

Debbie, it's never too late to have those twins. Carly's new baby will need an aunt and uncle to pick on.

debora said...

Twins? Hmmm let me think. No, I don't think so. Its all up to you guys now to bring on the babies.

KC said...

17 is a lame number, 11 has a much better ring to it.