Thursday, August 9, 2007

4th Anniversary

Today is mine and Ryan's 4th anniversary--crazy! We had a sitter all lined up and were all set to celebrate sans kids, but Tucker got sick. He's got another one of those fever things again, poor kid. So we'll have to go out alone another time. Oh well. These have been the four happiest years of my life. I hope those of you who aren't married yet find someone as wonderful as Ryan. Sorry, Carly, too late for you. Casey will have to do, I guess. :)


KC said...

sticks and stones.....

Happy 4th!!
Carly and I got married during the summer, I think it was August as well.

Carly said...

Oh silly Casey!

Our 3rd is on the 14th! (he knows it, he's playing dumb, or maybe I should say, "BOB")

Happy Anniversary you crazy kids!

debora said...

Playing "Bob" is right. although I must admit there have been some years when Dad has remembered and I have forgotten. I blame it on intense "mommy-brain"
Happy anniversary Lindsay and Ryan!It feels like Ryan has always been a part of our family. So glad you found each other and brought Tucker and Luke into our lives.

Ryan said...

Has it only been four years? It feels like forever.

Seriously though, thanks everyone. Lindsay, I guess you can have your allowance back with the nice things you said about me. You've far-exceeded all I ever imagined in my wife and mother of our family. And, I couldn't ask for a greater (numerically or otherwise) family to be a part of than the famed Crockett Clan. You're the family I never had!

Lindsay said...

And never wanted to have, Ryan?? Ha,ha, jk. Thanks for the nice words!