Thursday, August 2, 2007

Awesome KC picture XD

Here's another thing I made of Casey.

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Carly said...

Oh, he's going to love that. That's why he deleted it off the family room comp.

Lindsay said...

Hey, sweet pic, Casey! Aren't you so glad this blog is public so anyone and their mom could find this picture of you on here?

KC said...

Nate, I hate that picture!!!
I have a feeling you already knew that so I will have to get even while you are away on your hike. Your room will be vulnerable for the next week while you are away. HA!

Nate said...

What if I place a 4 digit code locker thing on there? Then you can never get in. And we all know I'm the only one who can get up and down the laundrychute.

debora said...

Nate you really kind of scare me sometimes.
check it out, check it out, check it out Casey-I give you permission to "check out" Nate's room while he is gone