Saturday, August 4, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOM!!!! Wooohooo....she probably thinks I forgot since I've been so blobby but I just wanted to throw this out there. How old are you now mom....25? 26? You look great either way. I love you!!


debora said...

thank you Carly. Anyway, you're cute even though you are very blobby.
Could be a little hijito you are having.

Lindsay said...

Ha, I knew Mom would think that...but she could be right, I felt pretty crappy with my boys. Now blobby?? I don't know. Every time I read that, I picture Carly as this big fleshy mass lying all over the family room couch. Eww! :)

debora said...

Actually since Carly isn't eating too much these days she is shrinking away. Carly was a no show at church today. Poor girl.