Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Portland Pictures!

Well, finally I have posted some pictures of what I've been up to here in Portland. Most of them are from the Washington Square Rose Gardens in downtown Portland. It was actually a beautiful day and not cloudy for once, and the girls had lots of fun!
At the rose gardens. That's actually downtown Portland in the background, you just can't see because of the trees.

Hah it was an exhausting day. Cecilia is so funny.

This one is hilarious. It's from last Sunday, we got them ready for church and then found these fairy outfits Tamara had. They both loved them, it was adorable.

Cecilia is just so pretty.

This one is actually from Tamara's friend's store in the Pearl district of Portland. James, Catherine, Whitney (who coincidentally knows our cousin chase), Jessica, Cecilia, and me. Pretty much the whole gang everyday at the Faucette house. Except for Tamara, who's not allowed to go anywhere.

This one is funny because of the lone tear running down Cecilia's face. We just got them out of the car, that's why.

Cecilia loves to give hugs to everyone. Especially Catherine though.

Me and Cecilia.

Jessica and Catherine.

That's it for now! Sorry that was a lot. There's just too many to choose from. The other day James was saying how they have over 3600 pictures of the girls, and that's just from their first 9 months. Mom, why aren't there 3600 pictures of my first 9 months?? Haha just kidding.


Carly said...

Kelli those are REALLY cute pictures!! I'm so glad you posted them! I loved the one of them hugging. So dang cute! Then of Cecilia smelling the flowers is precious. They are too cute for words!

KC said...

When did you go to Portland?????

debora said...

Casey you're so out of it :)
Kelli thank you so much for the pics. The girls are amazing and so are you and Jessica. You both look so cute with the girls in their little carriers. thanks for sharing with the fam.

Rob said...

I bet Tamera is so thankful you are helping her. By the way, I when I was home this past weekend I drove your car all around (to my friend's wedding in OC) and I really love it. Such a fun car.
Oh, I washed it for you. Will you let me borrow it this year at school?

Bob C said...

We miss you Kelli. (Your car is sitting in the Van Nuys Park N Ride this week as I am in Washington DC).


Carly said... are you guys trying to get Kelli riled up about her car or what?

Kelli said...

Well! I'm so glad everyone is just loving my car. And sure Rob, you can borrow it when we're at school. Take it on your date Grandma CiCi is setting up for you.

Carly said...

No, Sean is going on that Rob. Hey, they both speak Spanish. I'm sure he can fool her.

Sean said...

Kelli, I keyed your car. Hope you like it!!

Lindsay said...

Oh, you guys are all too funny! Love it. So Kelli, is Cecilia your fav or what? Poor Catherine. Little favoritism going on there, huh? ha ha. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing!