Monday, August 6, 2007


Let me just say that it has become routine to have one of the girls throw up on me every day. Yesterday it was Cecilia, right before bedtime, and today Catherine decided to blow chunks all over my leg. It was quite tasty.
Life here in portland is fun! James is off on business right now and won't be back till Thursday, so we'll see how things go these next few days. I gave both Catherine and Cecilia baths and put them both to bed tonight because Jessica went to FHE. It is tough to put both of them down to sleep, but they are such sweet girls. They are so different and I love them both so much! Except that lately Cecilia has taken to picking up her heavy wooden letter blocks, crawling over to Catherine, and banging them on her head. She just gets a little too excited, I guess.
Welp! That's all from me today! I'm tired and covered in baby food, drool, and puke.


Rob said...

Maybe you should look into what you are feeding them if they are puking all the time. Anyway I'm sure Tamera really appreciates you helping her out.

Lindsay said...

Ha ha,that's funny about the blocks. I wish I could see them, I bet they're adorable. Take some pictures there and post them.

debora said...

Sorry Kel I just have to laugh.
After this experience there won't be much that will gross you out.
I know you are doing a great job. Love you.