Thursday, August 2, 2007

That's what I'm talking about

Hey, glad to see Cindy and Tadd finally decided to join the Cool Club. I was about to post something about how you guys are the only ones totally MIA. Well, Dad still is, but we can excuse him, seeing as how he's a big shot lawyer and bishop and all. I'm sure he'll appreciate this in good time. Now I don't think Scott has posted on here, but at least he's checked in. Oh, and if Willie and Owen want to, too, they're more than welcome. I just figured they didn't have email addresses quite yet, but maybe they do...

So we Severts had a great time camping. Check out our blog for some sweet pics. We think Tucker's favorite part of the whole thing was getting to use a flashlight because every time we talk about our trip, that's what he says. Either that was his favorite thing, or eating like 50 marshmellows. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the smores. The last time we went camping I was where Carly is now and everything was about as appetizing as dirt, even chocolate.

Speaking of that, so are you sicker this time around Carly? Maybe it's a boy then! What does Mom think?

Well, I guess this is long enough. Tucker says hi.


Carly said...

Yes Lindsay I am. I didn't really even get sick with Cadence. I was really lucky the first time to dodge it. This time I just lie(correct usage??) around like a blob for most of the day. I feel like a blob basically. Who knows, it could be boy for that reason but we'll see!

debora said...

I can verify that Carly is in the thick of blobbiness. I can truly empathize. this too shall pass.
Hey Tucker! cute boy. I can see you had lots of fun camping. Grandma loves you tons!