Monday, September 17, 2007

Kelli update

So, I haven't posted a blog in a while and thought I would do so while waiting for the bus.

School is fine, one of my political science classes is pretty tough and consumes most of my studying time. Other than that my classes are good. President Hinckley is speaking for devotional tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that very much. And John Roberts is coming next month or something, I can't wait.

Everything else is good with me. I haven't heard anything about that little witch of a roommate that stole my stuff, I think she's a gypsy. Chelsea, my other roommate, talks incessantly of her wedding. I guess I don't blame her. Scott and I partied together again last night. It was sweet.

So, funny story. I was sitting in the JSB this morning, because I was waiting for a lecture for my other political science class to start (Jack Rakove was speaking). There were a ton of people in there, and the table I was sitting at was all full. All of the sudden, the kid across from me passes me a note saying "Would it be terribly forward of me to ask your name?" I passed the note back to him and told him my name and talked to him for a second, then quickly escaped to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to sit through the entire lecture with him. Poor guy.


Carly said...

OH Kelli, one of many admirers I'm sure. Poor guy. You got his hopes up!

Rob said...

I'm excited about the Chief Justice coming. He will be speaking to the law school for an hour when he comes out here. Should be fun.
And how come I don't get invited to these rocking parties?

debora said...

Kelli, maybe you should consider going to your lectures looking a little less cute. Is that even possible?!!!
Wow I'm impressed that Roberts is coming to speak. Let me know how that goes.
Rob-you should throw some rocking parties of your own and invite all your sibs.

Scott said...

the same thing happened to me, and i told the guy to mind his own business

Rob, our little parties are a little under your age group, don't know if you would like them

KC said...

I believe in justice.

And parties.

And love notes from strangers.

Lindsay said...

Oh the cruelty!! The poor guy is probably now kicking himself for not simply starting a conversation with you...subtlety is an art.

Yes, that Roberts lecture should be great. I also heard that Harry Reid was coming...isn't he a favorite of yours, Dad?

Ha ha, Scott, you should talk to Ryan about getting hit on by guys at BYU...they used to make him cookies.

Sean said...

There are parties up here?

debora said...

Guys used to bake cookies for Ryan?!! Disturbing.

Carly said...

hahahaha, you are all so funny.