Friday, September 21, 2007


So I finally got a new phone, which means a new number as well. Unfortunately in order to get this super cheap plan from Sprint (Sprint Employee plan SERO) I had no choice but to get a new number as well; in this dreaded Utah area code.


So spread the word.

ps. Dad (if you're reading this), I'm going to give it a little less than a month to see how this phone works out, then you can cancel my number under your account.

I'll let you know when.


Lindsay said...

So are you a Sprint employee now or something?

Sean said...

no, it's just this sprint plan that used to only be for sprint employees, but they created an email so "people in the know" can get the same plan even though they are not employees. Heck of a deal. Rob told me about it.

debora said...

Its good you are one of the "people in the know". This means I have to memorize a new phone number.
BTW, Kelli has been trying to reach you. give your sis a call.