Sunday, October 7, 2007

2000 Vacation

Where's Lindsay and Rob?


Nate said...

That is certainly not Mom in that first picture.

debora said...

Yes Nate, its me back in my chubby, porky days. I was 3 months prego with Will so that's my excuse.
I remember that Alaska trip well. All the pictures show Carly and Sean with major teenage 'tudes going on.

Sean said...

Ah the memories, look at those cute kids.

Also, I look like the walking dead. Musta been one of my good days!

Carly said...

I have to admit, even though I was a (hulking?)(sulking?)teenager during the whole thing, it was a really fun trip. Some highlights;

-mosquitoes eating us alive
-light outside even at 3am
-the most amazing river rafting trip with a full bladder (note the sarcasm)
-Uncle Marty's random cabin in the woods and Curtis's girlfriend breaking the zipline.

Ahh the good ol' days. I'm a little mad that I didn't partake in the VERY FRESH salmon. I was definitely missing out.

Rob said...

I'm sad I didn't get to go on this trip.

Kelli said...

Hahaha curtis's girlfriend breaking the zipline. That was funny.
Ah, those are some dear memories indeed Carly. But you forgot taking Dad's "shortcut" and driving on a dirt road for hours in Denali, and I also remember playing scrabble in the R.V.
That cruise we went on was pretty cool though, I remember seeing the glaciers and Orca whales swimming right beneath the boat.

debora said...

Yes, it was definitely fun, fun driving on the washboard dirt road all day through Denali. I was convinced at some point the RV was going to shake completely apart.
Remember grizzly bear spotting on the bus tour through the park?
My favorite was the cruise,seeing bald eagles, sea otters, orca whales up close and drinking hot chocolate.

Lindsay said...

Looks like fun...Nate sure was a cute kid. What happened?

I wish I could have gone, too. I was sweating it out on the gritty streets of south Minneapolis.

KC said...

why wasn't I invited?

Lindsay said...

Casey, if you were hanging out with Carly when she was 16, I don't know if you would still have married her later. Ha--totally kidding, Car Car!!