Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Meadow Ridge fire knocked down

Some good news:

The Meadow Ridge fire near the Newhall Pass was declared "knocked down" about 8 a.m. after burning only 12 acres, said Inspector Ron Haralson of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The fire, which broke out about 4 a.m., was no longer active, he said.

"We've got crews in the area working to extinguish hot spots, but we don't see that fire getting any larger than it is right now," Haralson said.

--Tami Abdollah


Well that's good news. Good luck guys. Sounds crazy.


Lindsay said...

That is good news. Thanks for posting that, Rob. I've been watching the headlines myself for any news on Santa Clarita.

esplinfamilyblog said...

Phew! Does that mean Crockett's are in the clear? We've been watching the headlines here too.

Rob said...

That was the most threatening fire that had the fam worried this morning. It was just over the ridge. Couldn't say they are in the clear yet, as the home is surrounded by lots of brush...

debora said...

As a matter of fact we just got back in the house after a mandatory evacuation of our street because of new fire closer by.
There were about twenty fire and emergency vehicles up here. they were able to knock the fire down and stayed in our backyards checking things out for awhile.
I don't think I'll be sleeping too soundly tonight. There is so much fuel on the hillsides that could go up quickly. It would be good if the winds would stop blowing.
All is well for now.