Monday, November 19, 2007

Study finds men with more than 3 kids are more likely reach the milestone

So is dad going to live to 150?

Farming, Fatherhood Hallmarks of Men Who Live to 100


Carly said...

Well that's unfortunate, since Mom is planning on dying in a year.

debora said...

Actually its good. Dad can remarry and sire another 11 or so children before he reaches the 100 year milestone. And its down to nine months Carly. Times a'waistin!
Whitney if you read this please excuse our somewhat morbid, sarcastic sense of humor.

Lindsay said...

Carly, you read my mind. I was going to say I wonder if this is true for women. If so, that would be Mom's worst nightmare--abou 100 more years longer than she wants to live.

Sire?? I didn't know Dad was a Thoroughbred.

Carly said...

Sire.....I'm totally cracking up here by myself. I'm just picturing Dad as a stallion, roaming throughout his herds of mares.