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Introduction to the Herrin Family

Okay, I can finally introduce my family to all of you. This picture was taken on Dec. 2nd, the day of my nephew's blessing. It was a very good day. Rob stood in the circle during the blessing which meant so much to me. The back row is my Dad, Don and my Mom, Kerry Lynn. Next is me and Rob and then my cousin Heather and her husband Russ. The bottom row is my grandpa, J. Elliot Cameron (the one who worked with Earl Crockett at BYU), my grandma Maxine (we call her Gramine), Jackie, my sister-in-law, is holding Kyle (1 1/2 months) and my brother Taylor, is holding Claire (2).
My dad is a professor at the University of Utah. He teaches in the Family and Consumer Studies Dept. My mom is the production designer for the Friend magazine. They met on a blind date through a mission companion of my dad, and even though my dad lived in Seattle at the time and my mom in Provo, it didn't stop my dad from making that drive 10 times in 4 months to see my mom. He was definitely "whooped" as we would say. Therefore, my parents have little sympathy for the 45 minute drive Rob and I have to make to see each other:)
Taylor and Jackie met through my mom. Jackie was Miss Utah and my mom was her seamstress. They were married in Dec. 2002 and have since had, as you can see, two beautiful children. Taylor is in the Masters program in Family Therapy at Utah State.
And that's my family. A lot smaller than yours. They are amazing though. I can't wait to meet all of you in about a week. Mexico will be a blast!

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Relative in the News

Looks like a long-lost cousin is in the news. If Willie continues his practice of shooting those rabbits, maybe he can find a bear and be famous too.

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Cell phone pics

A couple of random bad-quality pics from my cell phone as I attempt to further procrastinate from studying for finals:

A trip to Henrys':

From last year's Christmas vacation:

I also posted that picture to make Scott jealous because I boarded in 3 feet of fresh powder at Sundance today. Wonderful day.


This picture really does say a thousand words. Here we have Mom, posing for the camera and there's Will right by her side. Then Nate, looking goofy and up to no good. Owen is the best part though! Owen, Owen, OWEN! OVER HERE! Hey, OWEN!

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I refuse to let this so called "Christmas Card" be shown to the public until I approve of the information revealed about me in the so called "letter." Stand up for yourself and fight the power! Who's with me?

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Just wanted to say "publicly......"

Congratulations to my husband!! He recently snagged a full time position with the City of Santa Clarita!!! And I have to say it's about time. He had been interviewing for this job for over a month! We are very happy and relieved to know that we can stay here long term. He will be working in the Public Works department as a Project Technician. So I suppose being an intern paid off, right dear? Now you'll just have build a good rapport and hold open a job for Ryan once he's finished. *Wink wink*. I'm proud of you honey!

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Hey Ryan, what's up. Kobe says hi.

I don't know how they won in Denver - Sasha only had a measly 3 points.

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