Sunday, December 16, 2007

Introduction to the Herrin Family

Okay, I can finally introduce my family to all of you. This picture was taken on Dec. 2nd, the day of my nephew's blessing. It was a very good day. Rob stood in the circle during the blessing which meant so much to me. The back row is my Dad, Don and my Mom, Kerry Lynn. Next is me and Rob and then my cousin Heather and her husband Russ. The bottom row is my grandpa, J. Elliot Cameron (the one who worked with Earl Crockett at BYU), my grandma Maxine (we call her Gramine), Jackie, my sister-in-law, is holding Kyle (1 1/2 months) and my brother Taylor, is holding Claire (2).
My dad is a professor at the University of Utah. He teaches in the Family and Consumer Studies Dept. My mom is the production designer for the Friend magazine. They met on a blind date through a mission companion of my dad, and even though my dad lived in Seattle at the time and my mom in Provo, it didn't stop my dad from making that drive 10 times in 4 months to see my mom. He was definitely "whooped" as we would say. Therefore, my parents have little sympathy for the 45 minute drive Rob and I have to make to see each other:)
Taylor and Jackie met through my mom. Jackie was Miss Utah and my mom was her seamstress. They were married in Dec. 2002 and have since had, as you can see, two beautiful children. Taylor is in the Masters program in Family Therapy at Utah State.
And that's my family. A lot smaller than yours. They are amazing though. I can't wait to meet all of you in about a week. Mexico will be a blast!


Rob said...

Yea we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to Whitney's family since this is basically my new family. They are all wonderful, you will love them.

debora said...

I was hoping for a new post today and this is wonderful. It's great to have a preview before we all meet in person.
Rob don't forget about your "old" family. More people to love and to love you, right?
See you soon Whitney!

Carly said...

Thanks for posting this Whitney! It's nice to get to "know" your family. And by the ARE pretty tall. :) Finally, a woman in our family taller than my mom. Now she can stop gloating.

Jk Mom.

debora said...

p.s.Your parents dating story reminds me of ours. Bob made lots of trips from Provo to El Paso, Texas before we were engaged. He just couldn't stay away!haha

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the post! It is good to learn a little about the family Rob will now be spending all his time with. Seriously, I like learning more about you, Whitney. I'm excited to meet you--hope we all get to MX safely

Bob C said...
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Bob C said...

We look forward to meeting your family! Even if your dad teaches at the U, although that's where Carly went. And my mom.


Rob said...

Thank you for your more appropriate second response dad. I wonder if mom put you up for that.

KC said...

Does Whitney's mom know Kelli from when she put her in the Friend while she studied her journal in her thermals???

Lindsay said...

That was the New Era, Casey. Get with it.

Kelli said...

AHEM um, sorry Casey, that was the New Era and if I recall correctly, I was wearing a rather stunning flannel shirt. And sitting next to a campfire, at that. I don't know if Whitney knows that story yet, you'll have to fill her in Rob.
I sincerely hope that all copies of the aforementioned New Era have been thrown away.

Anyways! Your family sounds wonderful, Whitney. Can't wait to meet them.

Carly said...

I can totally hear Mom and Dad's conversation now;

Mom-"Bob, why don't say something a little more responsive?"

Dad-"What are you talking about?" (smirk)

Mom-"Come on Bob, you don't want Whitney and her family to think you don't care, or that you don't have anything better to say."

Dad-"You just don't appreciate a good joke. It's that Townsend sense of humor of yours. I'm sure Whitney thinks I'm funny. Rob takes after the Crockett sense of humor you know."

Mom- "What's that, cynical? Sarcastic? Making derogatory comments?"

Dad-"Oh come on Deb!! Okay, if it makes you happy I'll write something else."

Then they smooch and run off into the sunset.

debora said...

Wow Carly were you in the room when we had that conversation? That's pretty darn close. I don't recall smooching and running off into the sunset, however.
Kelli, I of course saved The New Era with you looking pensive and thoughtful in Pres.Garns flannel shirt. I show it to everyone.

Sean said...

That new era got me some member references. And further bolstered the belief among most people/members I met in the mission that since I'm from the Los Angeles area, I know a bunch of famous people. Seriously lots of them thought its just a city of movie stars.

Anyhow, you've got a great lookin family there Whitney! I just realized that this is my first sibling wedding I'll be around for. Unless something goes wrong while I'm paragliding.

Bob C said...

I was doing work for the Church and I had an interview with President Faust -- a witness to something I was handling. On the credenza outside his office was the New Era with Kelli's picture inside. I took it in with me and showed it off to him. Got all sorts of kudos from the general authorities with me.