Monday, January 14, 2008



Carly said...

Why did I not realize before that you rocked such a groovy tux Dad? White with black lapels? Classic.

Mom, you were such a cute little girl. haha. Now we know where Kcal9 gets her round face from!

debora said...

Oh man, I was definitely the classic example of a moon-face. Sorry Bob, I'm cringing a little at seeing all these pictures. How about putting up some pics of a few years later when my round facedness had calmed down a little.
We were pretty styling weren't we?
Grandma and Grandpa look so young.

Lindsay said...

Awww, you guys were so cute. Actually, Dad, you kind of look like a punk. Love the tux. And, Mom, what does it say that you look thinner now (after 11 kids) than you did when you were 18? You were pretty cute.

I'm suprised I never realized how much Scott looks like Dad.

Rob said...

The picture of dad holding that little girl's hand with mom sitting on the chair is pretty funny.

Lindsay said...

When Tucker saw these pics he said, "Hey, it's Sean!"