Friday, January 4, 2008


I have no clue how to do all of my pictures in one slideshow like Dad does so here are just a few pics.

Fun times in the Mexico City airport.
Dad, um you need to FLEX when you pose like that. ;)

And some of us girls getting crazy. Cindy was not there because she had to be sober to nanny Cadence. Thanks Cind! Livin' la vida loca!


Rob said...

Cool pictures. I will post mine soon.

My camera broke down there, but I got some good pictures before it did.

Lindsay said...

Carly was trying to give Luke some of that stuff, but I protected him. MY baby isn't going to be a borracho.

Sean said...


Ryan said...

Bob, put the guns away before somebody gets hurt.

Ryan said...

Carly, I love that the first picture you posted from the entire trip was "base camp" in Mexico City. Oh, how I miss the hours we spent in that spot!

KC said...

i remember on the way home through the airport we walked by the customs room where we waited in a hot nasty line for over an hour, i suddenly became sick to my stomach. i do miss Cancun and Chichen Itza, that was a blast

debora said...

Yeah, sitting on the floor of the airport in Mexico city for hours and hours was a blast. I loved having cankles for the first time in my life. But the dunkin' doughnuts made it all bearable. hah!
How are you girls going to explain your cerveza drinking pic to your children?
Good times!