Friday, February 1, 2008


My father had two very high quality cameras, a 35-mm Kodak and a camera I can't identify, which took rigid-frame black and white negatives about 4 by 4 inches. The black and whites in Germany are of superb quality.

The color shots were slides taken with the 35-mm. It was tough for me to scan these because of the dust problem.

The earliest shots are of my parent's honeymoon at Zion National Park. After the honeymoon my parents lived in Boulder.

The shots reflect our family's posting at Laredo and McAllen in 1955 and then Germany until 1958. The final shots are in 1961 in Salt Lake City, roughly the time of my father's decease.



NateDawg said...

I love that pic with your mom next to the leaning tower of Pisa. Those are really high quality.

Lindsay said...

Wow! I love looking at these. What great pics! I haven't looked at all of them yet, but so far I like the ones with Jammie holding you on the porch, you in your cool little swimsuit and you and Karen reading books with your dad. Jammie and your dad were so cute--I wish I could have know him. Some day!

Lindsay said...

Oh, and seeing when that red rocking horse first made its appearance. It's looking at you, Rob!

The pictures in the flowers are classic. And Dad and Karen in the clown suits! Hilarious!

I love seeing all these pictures of your dad.

Carly said...

Yeah, wow it's great looking at all these pictures....I'm still looking through them. A couple things though, Dad, your baby pictures just reaffirm that you have a HUGE NOGGIN!!! It's okay though, you're a very intelligent man so it makes sense.

I love your tiger-striped bathing suit.

And also, who is that rather large woman germanesque woman in the pictures with you and Karen?? You two don't seem thrilled to be photographing with her.

Bob C said...

The German woman was Maria, our maid. She was dressed in a traditional dress; I'll bet Germans these days don't dress that way. I'm surprised that my parents could afford her.

debora said...

Jammie was a wonderful, fun, energetic person. I do wish she could have been with us longer so that you all could have gotten to know her. She was a good friend to me in the early years of my marriage. I still miss her.

Rob said...

I had fun talking to Sister Sharon Dunn at her house for dinner. Elder Dunn and his family lived in Brasil on assignment as a general authority and would spend time with Roger and Jammie. Sharon would go shopping with Jammie because she had such a command of the language. She also told me that she noticed that Jammie was a very strong woman.

The Dunn's are very close family friends of Whitney's family. Their daughters were in school with Laura and Michelle down there.

Dad, did you ever visit your parents when they were serving in Brasil?

Carly said...

Okay I finally finished looking at the rest of the pics.

WHAT is with the elephant??? Was there no barrier? I assume that wasn't in the U.S. It looks like it's going to trample the both of you. I can see it now, "Here Cadence, just hold still while I snap your photo in front of this enormous animal."

How much younger is Karen than you Dad? In some pictures, you two could pass for twins.

Jammie looked like such a smart, sophisticated woman. I'm sorry I didn't know her better.

Your little boy pics remind me a lot of Sean/Will mixed together.

Thanks for putting those up, it was really neat to look through. I've never seen 95% of those pictures.

Cindy said...

I enjoyed looking at all of these pictures too... Dad, you were such a cute kid, what happened??
Some of my personal favorites were..
Dad in his super cool tiger-striped swimsuit.
Your parents wearing their matching plaid outfits.. reminds me of a photo of you and mom wearing your matching DENIM outfits.
And pretty much all of your baby pictures... in some of them I thought it was a picture of Sean when he was a baby!

Bob C said...

Karen is 13 months younger than I am. For most of my younger days she was taller than me. When she was in kindergarten she was moved up to my grade because she was so tall and smarter than the rest.

I only grew taller than Karen when I was about 17. Even so, she is about 5'11" and I am 6'0".

My mother started at the UofU when she was 16 years old. She came back to be a Sun Bowl Princess when she was about 20.

When my parents married, my father was 20. There were government quotas against missionary service and he didn't get a quota to serve. My father had to get permission from his parents to marry.

Sean said...

These are amazing pics I must say.

That white house has got to be Laredo, and in my area. I had the old Laredo area, including the Mexican style plaza and surrounding shops all glued together.

Those kinds of houses are still standing today and being used. Though, with more Catholic iron address plaques and iron bars on the doors, with pitbulls posted out front sitting all quiet like and calm as you walk up....

I remember walking up to a similar looking house, and in the back of it there was a very small shack with Journey blasting out its door, and inside a Tejano pumping some iron. He spoke english, well...

"Si, I like the Journey!"

That was about it.

If that wasn't a house in Laredo, that ruins this whole story.

ps. Grandpa was a pretty sharp dresser I gotta say.

Sean said...

Wow I've been looking through more of these pics, and the quality of these are incredible.

You get a pretty amazing feeling seeing such pristine shots of Jammie and Grandpa.

I think my favorites have to be the sun flower field one, and the 2 consecutive shots of Santa, Jammie and Dad + Karen, and then Grandpa looking like he came out of Santa's beard, Jammie and you two kids. Great stuff.