Thursday, February 14, 2008


To Rob and Whintey:

Starting tomorrow your life will be over. hahahah.....okay just kidding. I just wanted to say before we headed off....good luck and I'm really happy for you two! Whitney couldn't be cooler if she tried. Enjoy being newlyweds, seems like forever ago for us. I feel like I've been married for a million years.

Okay, okay just kidding Casey I love you.

We'll see you both tomorrow! Woohoo!

And Happy Valentine's day everyone. Ryan and Dad, I hope you did something nice for your wives today. Although I told Casey we were boycotting this holiday altogether. It's a waste of money!


Sean said...

I got my girlfriend(s) all day spa treatments complete with eyebrow and moustache waxes.

They seemed to like it.

Rob said...

Thanks Carly. We can't wait to see all of you.

Lindsay said...

Sean--did you get your girls from a mail-order bride company or what?

Rob and Whitney--well, you just left your reception. I bet you're still reeling from the fact that you are now husband and wife. Congrats! It was great to see you so happy!

debora said...

Rob and Whitney you should be on your way to Mexico today. It was a wonderful weekend. Whitney, your family is so great.
Hope you're having fun Mr.and Mrs. Crockett!!!
Sean-try to look for a chica without a mustache.

Ryan said...

Well done, R&W. It was fun to be a part of your big day. What a good start to a wonderful life together.

Carly, I agree with your boycotting idea, but I'm not sure your sister will go for that, even if she says that's fine.