Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I wanted to be cool and be the first to say Happy Birthday to our latest one-year-old( I know it's not til' tomorrow)!! It's hard to imagine that this time last year Mr. Wookie was inside his mommy. Little did she know she'd be lugging around a baby 3 times the size a short year later!! I hope you have a great birthday Lukie. Cadence says she misses you and to have a fun day. Hopefully for your present you'll feel better and sleep like an angel!


Lindsay said...

Awww, how sweet. Luke's still weak with fever, otherwise he'd says thanks himself.

I was just thinking, this time a year ago I was sitting in our living room with Mom, feeling some contractions but not daring to believe they were the real thing. When I told Mom, she about peed her pants and said, I knew it, I can tell! I told her not to get too excited just yet. But it was real! And now, a year later, we've got our sweet (and persistant) Wookie!

debora said...

Uh, I about what!!?? quite the description there Lindz.
Happy Birthday dear sweet Lukie. It is so cute that you love your Mommy so much you can't get close enough to her.
I hope you feel much better tomorrow so you can eat some ice cream and birthday cake.

Carly said...

HA....Lindsay...give Luke SUGAR? That'll be the day.

For real though aren't you going to let him indulge a LITTLE Lindz? Or are YOU going to eat the cake and let him have it second hand??

Lindsay said...

Second hand? I know what you mean, but that sounds gross!

No, I'm going to let him indulge--but since he's STILL sick, I don't know how much he'll eat since he's not eating anything. He's wasting away!

Rob said...

Luke? Wasting away? I'd like to see that. He has plenty of girth to keep him going strong for a while.

Happy birthday Luke!

Kelli said...

Hah Mom peed her pants? Gross.
Rob's right, Wookie has bulked up enough, he could hibernate all winter if he wanted to.
Okay, sorry Wookie, Happy Birthday! You are a sweet baby, and I can't wait to see you! Have Daddy sneak you some cake, first hand, when Mom's not looking. Or better yet, taste Cadbury eggs for yourself!

Bob C said...

Happy Birthday Luke! I love you.

Old dottering grandpa here.

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Wookie/Luke!!
I hope you had a great day, even if you were sick =/

KC said...

Your check is in the mail Luke.