Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dad's Ultrathon.

I'm preparing for my 50-mile ultrathon on March 22.

Here is a typical training day -- 14 miles. An ascent from Newhall's East Canyon, across the Santa Susanna Mountains and descend into the San Fernando Valley plus return. Very steep terrain on the Los Angeles side.

Trip Stats
Duration: 2 hours, 58 minutes, 38 seconds
Length: 14.5 miles
Vertical up: 4787.9 ft
Vertical down: 4791 ft
Average speed: 4.9 mph

Newhall East Canyon to Granada Hills at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:Share GPS tracks


Carly said...

If you get your "arm"endectomy before the 22nd it could make you more arrow-dynamic. Just a thought.

No but that looks like a cool race. 50 miles is insane, I could never do it. Way to go Dad!

Lindsay said...

Ha ha, Carly.

Pretty cool, Dad--very impressive. Just don't go doing one of these every 3 weeks, okay? :)

Ryan said...

So it's not enough to be a big shot lawyer--you have to do these ultra marathons also? You're making everyone look bad, Bob.

Happy training. Quite the accomplishment.

Davy said...

Yep, its not enough to be a big shot lawyer, he hopes to one day to grow up and be like his little brother. That run looks great. Amazingly the elevation gain, distance, and pace is almost identical to one of my typical Timpanogos runs. Now, just picture doing that five times in a row! I'm envious...wishing the stupid snow was gone. I did 11 boring treadmill miles this morning. 23 degrees this morning.

debora said...

okay, well I did my measly little five-mile run this morning. it was about 39 degrees outside, had a couple of nice hills to climb, then I had to get back to do the morning carpool. So much fun!
Way to go Bob. One of these days I'll do the hill run with you again.

Scott said...

i had to walk 4800 inches to the bus stop this morning. it was 25 degrees.

Carly said...

I walked to my car today and I'm 9 months pregnant AND it was windy. Beat that.

Carly said...

Okay so I just realized I spelled arrow-dynamic completely wrong. It should have been aerodynamic. Wow I feel better.

debora said...

I think "arrow-dynamic" inspires a better mental picture.

Kelli said...

Yeah Carly, I laughed for a minute about your spelling. Then I second-guessed myself, so you had me there for a sec. Hah! Arrow-dynamic.