Thursday, March 27, 2008


Notice the Bingham Fam link to the right? Yeah I started a blog. I figured I'd do SOMETHING while waiting for this baby. Of course, something other than taking care of my other child.

And yes, I'm still pregnant.


Rob said...

Aren't you due today? Get off your blog and go have your baby.

Bob C said...

We are hoping for an April Fool!

debora said...

Hahaha. Get off your blog! That's funny Rob. A little mean but, funny.
Tick, tick, tick Carly.
You know I, of all people, can sympathize and empathize.
Congrats on the birth of your blog.

Carly said...

Wow Mom that was clever!

Maybe I should go ride an exercise bike.

I'm sure you and Lindsay are giggling inwardly seeing as I'm not even overdue yet and both of you have been over a week late. Don't these babies know they have a time limit??

Lindsay said...

How funny. As I was getting on to our blog just now, I was thinking maybe there will be a post or SOMETHING that will let me know what's going on with Carly. And sure enough.

Way to go on starting a blog! I'm so proud of you.

No, I'm giggling inwardly--the anxiety is still fresh in my mind.

Go jogging. Drink some raspberry leaf tea. Bounce on your exercise ball. Oh wait, none of those worked for me. Membrane stripping?? (Sorry, maybe TMI)

Sean said...

Eat a Slip n Slide.

Cindy said...

maya elizabeth bingham is about to be born!!!!!

Carly said...

Oh might be awhile....don't get everyone's hopes up!

Sean said...

Maya huh?

I approve.

Cindy said...

hahaha.. might be a while.. psh,she's already here!

Cindy said...

hahaha.. might be a while.. psh,she's already here!