Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Tucker!!

The oldest Crockett grandchild is three!! I don't want to spoil our Tucker tribute on the Severts blog, so you'll have to check that out (when I've got the post up...). We love you Tucky!!
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Tadd said...

Happy B-day Tucker.

NateDawg said...

You lie.

There is no new post on the Severts Blog.

Bob C said...

Tuckie! I miss you. When am I going to see you.

You have your mother's smile.

debora said...

Tucker, I love you so much. Happy Birthday big boy!!!!
I hope your mommy reads all these comments to you.

Carly said...

We've been gone all day but wanted to say Happy Birthday before the day was over! Cadence misses you and wishes you were here! You are a stud Tucker!

Rob said...

Happy Birthday Tuck!!!!