Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dance Party

Apparently this is a recurring event while dad is at work. Tucker fondly calls it "dance party." As you can see, he's in his own little world when he starts moving to the beat. This could be trouble in eleven years when he starts going to youth dances.

MC Hammer, Lindz?


Ryan said...

We didn't want to supersede Cindy's post. Everyone read Cindy's post and comment.

Lindsay said...

Oops, that was Lindsay's comment above.

Carly said...

Hahaha....awesome! I'm so glad you guys posted a video of them, it gives us a sense of what we're missing.

Okay so some comments.

-I can see Tucker's vacuum is front and center.

-At one point I think Luke was trying to stop Tucker from hurting himself.

-It is WEIRD to see Luke walking..and so well! He's so cute!!

-You need to teach that Tucker some rhythm or everyone is going to laugh at him like Elaine Bennes (sp?)

-I didn't know you were so into MC Hammer, maybe you could dig up Sean and Rob's old parachute pants. They just might fit Tucker.

Cindy said...

yeah whatever Lindsay. haha... I wish we could watch these videos!! Dad has blocked 95% of all videos on the internet so we can't even watch these! =[

KC said...

Is MC Hammer still big in Colorado???

Scott said...

I like when Luke steps in to give Tucker a pat on the belly as if to say, "all right big brother you're a little out of control."

Sean said...

Tucker! You up for a Hammer concert?

2 legit 2 quit!!

debora said...

Tucker's got the moves!!! He is definitely in his own little dancing world there.
I love how Lukie joins in with his spoon, adding a little extra percussion.
Good job boys. Please dance for us when you come to visit. Gamma misses you.
Cindy-watch it on Dad's computer.

Lindsay said...

Hey, we were listening to the '90s channel. I like it, it takes me back to simpler times--memories of the Rob and Sean listening to Hammer Time on their boom boxes in the big room on Glenridge. Wearing their parachute pants, of course.