Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Summary of the Series So Far...In Picture


Tadd said...


Pau and Lamar really need to step up,we aren't going to win Game 4 if the Celtics stay on The Machine.

Also, this series is rigged to go to 7 games. Book it.

KC said...

Vujacic and Pierce both deserve SAG cards.

PJ Brown needs to stop picking on Farmar.

Celtics in 7.

Lindsay said...


Seriously, what is up with the rest of the Lakers? Can't handle the pressure?

The Machine? I thought he was the Black Mamba.

Didn't know you were a Pierce fan, Tadd--the Truth.

Bob C said...

I agree with this guy.

Bob C said...


Scott said...

Lindsay - The Machine is Sasha Vuyacic.

The Lakers look confused a lot offensively. Sometimes it is tough to watch. Let's hope they get back in sync for game 4 or we will struggle.

Sean said...

kc, I think you mean the entire Celtics team deserves a SAG. Have we seen one game yet where one of them falls over crying, gets carried / rolled / limps back to the locker room, only to return 15mins later to play again?

And Vujacic actually takes some big hits to get fouls called, and doesn't pretend he shattered his ankle either!


Bob C said...

But the reason Pau and Lamar are playing so poorly is because the Celtics' defense. The Lakers obviously see that because they get Kobe high out on top to see if they try to double team, to draw defense away.

I think the Celtics' game plan is to say that there isn't a whole lot we can do with Kobe but if we press Pau and Lamar we can control the game.

Kobe needs to step up his offense when he has single coverage. He needs to move to 40 or 50 point games.

debora said...

In other words, its really all up to Kobe?

Sean said...

Did you guys not watch last game?

The Machine, 20 pts. Mom, don't act like you don't know who Sasha "he's kinda cute.." Vujacic is.

But, even though Odom had 9 rebounds and 4 assists, he had 5 turnovers. The most on the Laker team. Only 4 pts. Far cry from his usual play.

Let's hope tonight he doesn't cower in fear and poor judgement like he had been doing so for years, and instead play like he played for the 2nd half of this season!

KC said...

vujacic is a girl! I'll grow my hair out like him if he has another 20 point game this series.

I'm actually hoping he does so I can wear a cool head band like him.

Ryan said...

I'm there with you, Casey. If Vishisuk has another 20, I'll grow my hair out too. I may look more like Blinky the Clown instead of Sasha, however.

I'm excited for this game. If Lakers win the next three, they win the series. Book it.

debora said...

Sasha is a cute little boy with is headband and permanent five o'clock shadow. His 3 pointers have certainly come in handy.
Ryan and Casey don't grow your hair out. Not a good look for you two. No.

Lindsay said...

Mom, you think Sasha is cute?! I think he's immature--no class. But his threes are useful, yes.

Hey, Ryan, maybe if you grow out your hair, Tucker will play with yours instead of mine. But please don't start wearing my headbands.

Carly said...

Sorry guys, not even your precious Kobe can keep up with the Celtics. RIP Lakers.

Sean said...

So is it confirmed then? Carly was indeed, adopted?

Lindsay said...

That MUST be it, Sean. Or it's one of those "I'm not a fan because everyone else is fan" type of things. She's so anti-establishment.

Still love you, though, Car Car.

Carly said...

har har. I'm actually quite neutral. I just like to rub a little salt in the wound. I hope Tadd doesn't cry when he finds out. He's at Youth Conference right now I assume.

Just kidding Tadd.

And I'll admit it, Kobe is good, very good but Kurt Schilling knows what's up.

Sean said...

What's this about Schilling? He is a tough guy for sure, but it's a given that all computer / gaming nerds are tough.

Schilling is a bigger PC gaming nerd than me, Rob, and our cousin Christopher combined.

So big, he had his own special character, in the Online Role-Playing Game, Everquest, aka "Evercrack" that was hugely more powerful than any of the regular players in the game, courtesy of the game's developers. A hundred or so of the regular players, had to work together in order to defeat him. He currently plays World of Warcraft (well, last I heard at least, in an espn interview many months back) and runs his own startup game developer company that's been working on the same type of game of their own.

Is he still pitching?

KC said...

Is Tadd on suicide watch after the game 4 loss???

Vujacic= 3 points, I guess I get to keep my hair short for now, but dangit I still want to get the hair band.

Lindsay said...

Sean, you haven't read Schilling's blog post referred to in Bill Simmons' article about Kobe antics? Both of these guys are totally unbiased non-Boston fans, right?

That said, the Celtics are obviously keeping it together better than our Lakers. Maybe Curt's right about Kobe. Mom?

chansen9 said...

Schilling is a bigger PC gaming nerd than me, Rob, and our cousin Christopher combined.

There is still only 24 hours in a day right?

Sean said...

Newsflash: Lots of the best players get pissed when their team starts sucking.

And Kobe is an emotional player, I thought everyone knew that?

If I remember where to find it, I'll post the article about Kobe, with quotes from teammates about his on court behavior during tough games.

But yeah, it's definitely not blatantly clear that Simmons and Schilling aren't battleship-tipping biased or anything.

Sean said...

What's even funnier, is the fact that Schilling once did a lot of complaining about the media being in the clubhouse at games.


debora said...

Lindsay, I can't comment. I'm still too depressed after game four. Seriously.

Bob C said...

Really great photo by the way. Quintuple-teamed.