Saturday, July 12, 2008

Georgetown Half Marathon

Well, no one's posting any pictures, Nate, so on to something else.

Any of you running people want to run a half marathon with me on August 9? It's up here in Georgetown, CO, in the mountains. Supposed to be one of the most pleasurable races in the country. Check out the website:

Today is the last day for pre-registration ($30). After today, it's $50.

Anybody? Then you can come visit us!


Rob said...

That sounds like a BLAST. I'm so mad I can't do it. It sounds like the Hobble Creek 1/2 marathon I did last year. It was great.

Sadly (well I'm not too sad) Whit and I are leaving for Italy on the 8th. Otherwise I'd totally go. I'd have a whole week to train after the bar...

debora said...

It sounds like so much fun, a great scenic course. Dad and I were invited to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl that night.
Let's all look for another 1/2 marathon in October or November that we can all do together. Utah, Co or CA.
I'll have to start adding more miles to my runs.

Rob said...

The Hobble Creek one is very fun but registration is closed and it is in August. Maybe next year.

Rob said...

There's also a half marathon in Snow Canyon State Park in Saint George in October, and a half marathon in Moab (though I hear it's a tougher one, some good elevation gain) in November.

Those might be too far out of the way.

I'm looking forward to picking my running back up after the bar, so I'll be running some race preferably before winter hits here. I wanted to do the Hobble Creek one but I need more training than a few weeks, as you could see at the 5k.

Rob said...

Also, Lindsay, did your sponsors pressure you to run this race?

debora said...

My running buddy Brenda did the Moab half two years ago. She said its a little too hard to get to.
We'll do some checking here in CA
I'd love to run in Colorado although us Californians would have a distinct disadvantage with the high elevation.

Lindsay said...

Yes, I'll be fully decked out, head to toe, in my sponsor's name.

I once thought about the San Diego Half--I think it's in August? But I think it's too late to register; the race might already have happened.