Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Go Rob!

Sorry to knock the engagement post down one, but I think this is pretty important as well. Rob just finished taking the BAR!!! I think everyone should know how diligent Rob has been in preparing for this. I have been impressed constantly and I can't believe I am married to such a wonderful, smart man! I am very lucky. I just want you to know that I love you babe, and that you are the best. I 'm excited to have my husband back! We can catch up on "LOST" and go for walks again.
Claire (our little niece) prayed for "Robbie" last night (she started calling him that all on her own). She prayed that "Robbie can do good on his stuff." I am sure the prayers, especially of the little ones, helped.
We all love you Rob. Now you can relax a bit. You are amazing!


Carly said...

Way to go Rob. Now you both breathe a sigh of relief. Claire is so cute!

Sean said...

Congrats Rob!

So how long till you get the results?

KC said...

Did you answer every question with C like I told you??

Lindsay said...

Congratulations Rob! Bet it's nice to be done, no matter how you think you did--and I have no doubt you did great.

So you guys are going to Italy next week? Just for fun? Just you two? I'm jealous.

Rob said...

Thanks Whit. Whitney was awesome. I ignored her for long stretches and she had to go everywhere without me for over a month. But she was great. She had to talk me off several ledges. Poor girl, I hope she knew that she was marrying a big time "fretter." Can you imagine how I was mom?

Yes, Lindsay, regardless of how I did I feel great that it's over. Who knows if I passed. Don't really care right now.

KC I didn't go with the all C strat. I drew a cool picture of homer simpson using my bubbles on the scantron.

Sean - 8 weeks. In about 8 weeks I will be just as nervous as I was the beginning of this week.

Ryan said...

Casey, it's all Bs, not all Cs!

Congratulations Rob. I'm sure you did great.

debora said...

It was so good to see you both on Friday. Have a wonderful time in Italy and DO NOT fret over your results.