Monday, July 21, 2008

Random Reunion Pics (with a little commentary)

Cynthia Joy--the next American Idol

Dude, Scott, pick on someone your own size.

What are these two doing?

Tucker--checking out his abs. Cadence--gleefully creating mischief.

The Pass
Dad's thoughts: "Yes, I'm passing my 20something son-in-law." (Then laughs to himself)

Wait, I thought Mom was pacing with Rob...

...ah ha--here he is, looking a little too comfortable. That was supposed to be a RACE, Rob.

Mom, "Maybe if I turn sideways, I'll disappear."


Carly said...

Great pics Lindz! Love the commentary!

Yeah Rob, you DO look a little too comfy in that pic.

debora said...

I think Carly did commentary editing on the last pic. Very funny Carly.
Thanks for sharing Lindz. Cutie kids.

Lindsay said...

Yes, Carly did add that commentary, and a funny addition it is.

Bob C said...

That's a great shot of me passing Casey!!! Were you there to get that shot? That was the highlight of the race.

Ryan said...

You two happened to be together right at the spot we were sitting when I snapped that shot. It looks like you're speed walking though, Bob.

Casey, even though you're getting passed by an old man, at least your form looks good.

KC said...

That still doesn't make me feel better.

That day was too hot to be running.

debora said...

Yes Bob definitely has a unique running style. Not much knee bending action going on there. But hey, it works.

Rob said...

Yea I was pathetic. I had a good time.

Cindy said...

hahahaha. I look like Jessica Simpson when she sings. all spastic and what not. Thanks Linds, thanks.