Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary Lindsay and Ryan!

Yes that's right. I remembered! Only because it's 5 days before ours and you were married the year before. How's that for impressive? ha ha.

Anyway, 5 years right? That's quite the accomplishment. Five years, and 2 cute boys later. We're so glad Ryan is in the family, it wouldn't be the same without him! I hope you guys have a wonderful day today. Go out and party. Ryan, make sure you dust off that Chewbacca suit.



Lindsay said...

Thanks Carly! We aren't doing too much since we already celebrated with our San Diego vacation. And I'm recuperating. It was a fun race, but I'm TIRED! And ready for the boys' bedtime.

Sean said...

Congrats guys!

debora said...

Five years already! Happy anniversary guys. Lindsay I can't wait to hear more details of your race.

Ryan said...

Thanks, Carly. I am blessed to be a part of such a great "2nd family."

The Chewbacca suit doesn't have time to collect dust--I break it out weekly. In fact, I climbed a 14er with it on the other day. It sure was hot.