Saturday, August 16, 2008


Since we are in Italy and I did not bring a present for Rob (although Italy itself is a pretty good birthday gift) I am posting a blog with 50 things I love about Rob in his honor, for his birthday. I promise to get you a real gift when we get home babe, I love you. And to the rest of you, just bear with me. . . and enjoy. I hope you like it.
And I know I am a day early, but Rob is at the pool so I have time to do this now, as a surprise.
50 things I love about Rob: I LOVE. . .
1) that he still is worried about what impression I have of him, so he tries to please me even though I love him no matter what and he knows that.
2) that he makes a fierce distinction between camping and car camping. They are in no way to be thought of as in the same league.
3) that he texted and called me multiple times as he drove to Colorado to hike Mt. Massive even though we had only been on one date.
4) that he followed what he felt, even though he did not really understand it (BYU and a Salt Lake City firm, etc.) and ended up where I was the summer of 2007.
5) that he created all these special moments in his head that happened at the office between us and that I do not remember any of them.
6) that he cares about my opinion of what he wears.
7) that he cleaned the house when he moved in
8) that he speaks Spanish, and like a real Mexican ! :) so expressive.
9) that the Church and the Gospel mean so much to him. He is so loyal to the truths he has a testimony of.
10) that he helps with the dishes after EVERY meal.
11) that he knew how to work our washer and dryer before I did and then had to teach me.
12) that he makes sure we say prayer together every night, never fails.
13) that he never minds, wherever we are, that I hold his hand and kiss him.
14) that he square danced with me at the family reunion.
15) that he opens doors for me.
16) that he cannot live without his sunglasses.
17) that he so sincerely wants to be a husband and father.
18) that his heart started pounding so hard before he asked me to marry him.
19) that he went to Berkeley. (I was very impressed, really)
20) that he was a history major.
21) that he sees right through me and knows and adores my little quirks.
22) that he constantly reassures me that I am EVERYTHING he has ever wanted in a wife.
23) his nose.
24) his hands.
25) that he gets intensely interested in random topics that have nothing to do with him personally or with his situation.
26) that he likes my cooking.
27) that he keeps me connected and informed about computers and such since I am not technologically inclined at all.
28) that he is tall.
29) that he is ticklish.
30) that he wants to run his Honda into the ground before he buys another car.
31) that he kills all the spiders in the house.
32) that he is fascinated with the wasp trap in the backyard.
33) that he knows how to fix in when we blow a fuse in the house.
34) that he is a fantastic conversationalist and I can talk to him about anything.
35) that he loves and admires his mom and dad and cares deeply for all of his family and now mine too.
36) that he makes the bed.
37) that he still gives me butterflies when he kisses me.
38) that he compliments are sincere.
39) that he loves learning and was impressed that my dad is a Ph.D.
40) that he is so concerned for my happiness.
41) that he can talk sports with my brother.
42) that when a bird pooped on me at the train station in Italy he did not laugh. He ran to look for a rag.
43) that he still thanks me for folding his garments.
44) that he keeps the Brita full of water in the fridge.
45) that he wants to be on my schedule and goes to be with me early and gets up early (because I have to go to work) even though he does not have to.
46) that he scoots over close to me in the bed, even though we originally bought a king so we could be far apart.
47) his laugh.
48) that he lets me complain when I need to.
49) that he is a worthy priesthood holder.
50) that I know I do not ever have to worry, he will lead and preside over our family according to the gospel and that I will always be safe with him, the man I love, FOREVER.

I could go on forever. But I will stop at 50. I love you Rob. Happy Birthday.


chansen9 said...

I agree with #46 the most, Rob has always been good at that. I'll have to keep this list hidden from Janis, to avoid unflattering comparisons.

Carly said...

Sadly Whitney some of these might not last as your marriage continues. ha ha. Just kidding....or am I? And that's approximately 50 things I didn't know about my brother before you married him!

Ticklish Rob? XD

Carly said...

Oh yeah and Happy Birthday TOMORROW ROB!!

debora said...

We've all figured out that Rob is very much the romantic at heart-lunch box love notes, you know.hehehe
Here's another thing you will love about Rob, Whitney. I could always count on Rob to put up our Christmas lights every year, even at the risk of electrocuting himself in the pouring rain. I've had to pay someone else to do it ever since he left for his mission.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!! thanks for being a wonderful son and continue to treat your wife like the queen she is.

Bob C said...

Happy birthday, little boy. I love you.


Lindsay said...

Fun to see what kind of husband Rob is--sounds like a great one.

Cynical as it may be, I'd have to agree with Carly. I challenge you to keep up on ALL of those things Rob. Enjoy the newlywed stage you two--it goes by way too fast, especially after you have kids.

And, of course, happy birthday Rob!

KC said...

Rob has always been so ticklish:

Rob said...

Wow, and I have been accused in the past of being the worst cynic of the family!

Whitney I love you. Thank you for all the kind things you have said about me. I do not deserve it. Whit is an amazing wife!

Cindy said...

Happy B-Day Rob!!

Kelli said...

Roberto, happy birthday! I'm jealous, I wish I were in Italy.

Lindsay said...

Kelli, at first glance I thought you were going to say you were jealous because Rob is married and you aren't yet.

Lest my cynicism gets me in trouble, I should say Ryan is superb husband and I, too, don't do many things I used to do when we were first married. Things like holding hands and opening doors are much harder with kiddies to haul around.