Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More from Italy

Some more from Italy.

We spent 2 days in Florence. The dome in the background of the Duomo was built in the 15th century.

These famous bronze doors made by Ghiberti are on the baptistry and face the Duomo. They are actually copies. We saw the real ones in a nearby museum. I loved them.

This I the tomb of Michaelangelo.

We saw his David in a museum. It was awesome. You can't take pictures.

We love the gelato. My favorite is lemon. Whitney's is hazelnut.

Today we arrived in Rome. Whitney is on the famous Spanish steps.

We smooched in front of the fountain of Trevi. It I HUGE and extremely packed with tourists.

A large part of our trip has been spent exploring churches. Random ones with no one inside are filled with Renaissance art. Just when we thought that we couldn't take any more, Whitney found her favorite paintings and artist - Caravaggio. Here she is in front of Caravaggio's paintings of Matthew in a random church in Rome. They are amazing.

I like Lippi.

Today we saw the Pantheon of ancient Rome. It is massive and incredible. Built by Emperor Hadrian in 125 AD.

We spend 3 days in Rome before we head home. It has been a great trip.


Rob said...

Y'all getting picture overload?

Carly said...

Nope! I enjoy them. The step picture is funny, kinda like, "Where's Whitney?"

Keep 'em comin!

Lindsay said...

Mmmm...gelato. Love the pictures.