Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photographía de Sean

More photos (cadence is jumpy so her pics are a little blurry):


debora said...

Sean the sunset picture is stunningly beautiful. It evokes a spiritual feeling. The grass, the mountains, the clouds with streams of light shining through...takes my breath away.
Love the rafting pics and the profile shots of Cadence and Maya. Hilarious!
You're good-very good.

Sean said...

Thanks Mom.

The sunset pic is my attempt at an "HDR" photo. I setup the camera on a tripod, and took 3 pics in quick succession, each with a different exposure. Then used a program to combine the 3 which lets me create a much more artsy or realistic contrast.

I actually think that pic doesn't look so hot.. based on some outstanding HDR photos I've seen..

Anyhow I keep trying.

Ryan said...

Great pics. I didn't know Cadence wore glasses. Has she worn contacts all this time?

Sean said...

Nah she does the new monthly lasik thing.

Cindy said...

in the profile picture of Cadence with the glasses on, she looks like Hayley Johnson.

Sean said...

The dwarf opera singer from wisconson?