Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well, we're having computer issues so I can't post any pics at the moment, but I'll do a mini report of my race here. It was a lot of fun--mostly a downhill course (1000 ft descent) and a pretty cool day, weatherwise. It's a very popular race and there were tons of people. I clocked in at 1:47:47. I did better in my other half several years ago, but I guess I was young and fresh and got lots more sleep back then. Also, I think I should have gotten a few more long runs in for this race, but I didn't give myself enough time. Still, I was fairly pleased with my time, although I wish I could have done better. Those last 3 miles were tough. I was glad to be done. But, I look forward to doing another one sometime, maybe with some of you people. Check here for more details. Look for the pics on our blog later.


debora said...

Lindsay that is a great time! I wish I could do so well. Come here and do the Santa Barbara half on Nov.1st with all of us. I'll send you the link.

Ryan said...

It's nice to be married to such a stud.

Carly said...

Way to go Linz!