Thursday, September 25, 2008

KCAL9, Kelliandra, Perk, Jessica, J.L.M....

Wow Kell you have a lot of nicknames.

Memory turn for Kelli!

And just in case you haven't seen these, check out her engagement pics! They are very cute.


Rob said...

Kelli is a world class door slammer. That was her trademark during the teen angst years.

debora said...

I'll never forget the day Kelli found out baby no.11 was yet another boy. She-yeah you guessed it-ran to her room and SLAMMED the door.
I don't know why she was so upset. When Cindy was born she was so traumatized she wacked off all her hair about six times, hence another nickname-Chop-Chop.
Kelli could sing every word to "A Whole New World" when she was two, complete with every nuance and inflection possible. I'm pretty sure she's planning on performing at her wedding reception

Scott said...

I remember when I robbed Kelli, and then posed as the detective asking her for clues. Then she and Cindy pushed me off the balcony, and that's how I broke my arm.

Lindsay said...

Wow, amazing pictures! So romantic. My little sister is so pretty! *Snif* :)

Oh, Kelli, so many memories. Let's see.

There was the time Kelli threw a fork at me from across the kitchen because I was midly teasing her about her daily, elaborate Ramen routine. (By the way, I had some Ramen yesterday and it was the best thing I've eaten in weeks.)

Then, we have many memories of our piano lessons at Patti King's. For those who don't know, I accompanied Kelli to her lessons--I think she was 7 or so I was in high school. Patti had us wear these booties over our shoes in her house to keep it clean and one day we were in the car driving back home, and Kelli looks down at her feet and says in horrified voice, "Oh no!" There were the booties still on her feet. I just laughed.

Oh, and Kelli used to wear one of Mom's old nursing gowns. Oh the teasing that ensued! N.G. was another nickname. I teased Kelli a lot, poor thing.

I have some more but I'll share them later.

Carly said...

There was that time I so furious with Kelli that I threw a water bottle at her and I was 6 months preggo with Cadence. I was also preggo with Cadence when I threw Nate's popcorn everywhere. Hmmmm....maybe there is a correlation with my anger and Cadence's biploar-ness.

Anyway when I was younger and banished to sleep in the basement, I would always sneak up and sleep in Kelli's room. In the middle of the night she'd awaken to find me in her bed and DEMAND that I leave. I was so sad.

SO maybe that was why I chopped off all of her Jasmine doll's hair. Revenge eh?

All of Dad's dreams came true when Kelli made the cheer leading squad. Finally, a cheer leader daughter.

NateDawg said...

ill never forgive you for that carly

Kirk said...

About an hour before our third date all my plans for the date fell through. So I called Kelli to inform her that we would now be going rock climbing.
Kelli, "No"
Me, "ha ha okay so you might want to wear some tennis shoes"
Kelli, "No, I'm serious. I'm putting my foot down on this one, I don't want to go rock climbing."
Me, "... silence"

Lindsay said...

Kelli! Rock climbing is fun. I did that on a couple of dates. You wimp.

You guys must be meant to be since Kirk didn't give up on you right then and there.

Oh, I get it. Rock climbing must bring back back memories of the "Kel guy" from Zions Ponderosa.

Rob said...

Haha Kirk what's it going to be like when you're married?? As dad always says, it's not too late to back out.

Carly said...

Yeah Kelli, what the heck is wrong with rock climbing? Weirdo!

Maybe Kelli didn't want Perk/Jessica to be in full view. hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha.

debora said...

I knew it was time to wean Kelli when in the middle of Sacrament meeting she demanded to "nurse now!" in a very loud voice.
Don't worry too much Kirk. I'm sure there are lots of stories we could share about Kelli when she was being sweet, charming and adorable. It's just more fun to share some of her wacky moments.

Aly & Conryd Salvesen said...

okay so i'm not quite part of the crockett family buuuut i do have many many many MANY memories of kelli...where to begin...uh how about you yelling at me in your sleep in the middle of the night, you sleeping walking into my bathroom and hitting my shampoo bottles against the wall, ice skating EVERY weekend, EFY, all of our ridiculous nick names for boys we had "crushes" on. cheer try outs, cheer practice/games/comps etc. and your creepy little laugh that for some reason, I LOVE!! anywhoooo, this list could go on for ages. kell you're one of a kind. so glad that we've stayed best friends all of these years! love you!

Cindy said...

I remember when Kelli, Heather White, and I were inseparable. We did everything together. Until one day Kelli became too cool and decided to kick it with friends her own age.

I recall having some modeling sessions, also. Carly was always the photographer. Like, those one pictures with us in those flowery bathing suits with BRIGHT red lipstick and tight buns in our hair? What was up with that?

Kelli and I also thoroughly enjoyed playing barbies. We had a secret hand motion that signaled that we wanted to play. I think we made the shape of a girl with our hands our something? haha

KC said...

I remember when I always asked Kelli to play Barbie's and wear lipstick and every time,
Kelli, "No"
Me, "ha ha okay so you might want to wear some tight buns in our hair"
Kelli, "No, I'm serious. I'm putting my foot down on this one, I don't want to do any of that"
Me, "... silence"

Bob C said...

High pitched screaming through the house as a teenager!!

Bringing boys around (this is like the worst).

Lots of football games watching my sweet girl cheer (that was fun).

Ryan said...

We loved having Kelli visit us in Colorado when Tucker was little. I think Tuck finally started warming up to you by the time you went back to Provo.