Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carl's Jr.

Ok, I think it's time for us to talk about pigtails. 


Rob said...

Finally, some siblings I actually grew up with.

How about..."don't pull my don't ponytail!"

Carly said...

I think you just took Dad's.

You didn't have to do me since I did it on my blog but it will be fun to read more comments about my favorite person-ME! ha ha. Just kidding.

And Rob-you have a BLOG?? It's really kind of random and you haven't updated for awhile.

Rob said...

Oops, that was a test blog. I was testing this software for my phone that lets me make posts to blogger blogs - for Italy. DELETED.

Scott said...

My freshmen year at BYU I would always hang with the newly weds Carly and Casey. A couple of times I stayed up in Wallsburg and they showed me the all the sites. I especially enjoyed the deer sightings. And the local tall tales.

I also remember when I was about 14 or so Carly once punched me right in the face when we were having an argument. I never saw it coming.

Oh and the one time Sean and I told Carly to run full speed into our room at Glendridge is a classic. We had a string tied across the room that was barely visible. Carly comes barreling down the hallway and then was subsequently clotheslined.

debora said...

Here's a Carly classic. I left Carly and Scott in the house(yeah, alone I know-bad mother) for five minutes while I walked Sean to the corner to catch the bus. When I came back I found Carly and Scotty-boy standing in the kitchen in a cloud of flour dust. They were both covered head to toe in flour. Scotty-boy had a confused, worried look on his face. Carly had a mischievous, crazed look in her eye. I still want to know Carly-whatever possessed you!?

KC said...

I remember the time when Carly and I were dating and things were getting serious. Close to engagement status.

Carly randomly decides one night to tell me she is considering going on a mission. Apparently she had thought a lot about it and was potentially going, as she put it. I told her "okay, if that is what you want to do", Then she got mad, and told me she really wasn't going and it was a test. I then became really mad for her putting me through that emotional hour or so of conversation.

I tried for some time to figure out what is going on in that head of hers, I still don't know.

Scott said...

*Warning: graphic*

I remember another time when I was very young, I was on the toilet, when little Carly walks up to me. She hands me a piece of unsweetened baking chocolate, which turns out to be disgusting, and made me throw up. Why she was giving me chocolate when I was on the pot, let alone why she was visiting me in the bathroom, I don't know.

Carly said...

I should not have been drinking water when I read that last comment Scott. I seriously almost spit it out through my nose. I don't know why I would feed you bittersweet chocolate. But I do remember a visual of young Scotty boy spitting up brown mess whilst sitting on the toilet. I'm sure mom was thrilled.

Yeah I can't believe you guys clotheslined me. I had a burn mark on my neck for weeks after. You could have decapitated me. I remember you guys kept saying, "Run faster! RUN REALLY FAST!" So I ran as fast as my mega calves would let me. So mean.

I don't ever remember punching you though. hahahaha. I'm sure you deserved it.

Bob C said...

Carly is really high maintenance. My favorite saying was that I pitied the poor guy that would marry her.

One day one of the young men in our ward came home and told his parents that finally the prettiest girl at Hart high school spoke to him. It was Carly.

Carly like to say "no" to boys who asked her out. They'd come to me and tell me that and ask for advice.

I kept trying to get Trevor K. to ask Carly out. I knew he liked her. He said he was afraid of her.

I still regret the day I didn't have the back seat of our Suburban anchored correctly and Carly got a big slit on her chin which required stitches. The scar is still there. Like Tina Fey.

When she was Cadence's age she'd stand on the pew during Church and yell and make faces at people; they'd come up to me and say admiring things.

Kirk said...

I remember when I found out that Carly was the girl that ruined two of my friends friendship freshman year of college.

Carly said...

Um Dad, I am NOT high maintenance. Especially now after kiddos. I think you may have me confused with Kelli. I DO pity the poor guy that marries her someday. Oh wait....

Lindsay said...

I don't know, Carly. I think I'd classify that whole "I'm going on a mission--NOT" thing as high maintenance. There's more than one kind of high maintenance. Ha ha.

So I'm going to go as far back as I can for my Carly memories since most the kids were not around for those.

I remember the night she was born and Dad woke up to tell me I had a sister. Funny, though, he didn't say anything about the angels screaming at that time.

I remember babysitting Carly when I was five and she was like 3 months. I sat on the couch and watched her sleep in her infant seat. No, Mom, you'll never live that down. But, it is true I was a VERY responsible five year old. Carly didn't move a muscle and neither did I.

I remember Carly and her swimsuits and tights. And then there was some pink striped dress that she wore every day for like 2 weeks straight. I think Mom threw it way after that.

We shared a room and a bed off and on for a long time, even long after we had our own rooms. Lots of back scratching and stories about dogs and cats and horses every night.

Then there was the time Carly hid so well that none of us could find her for the longest time. It was night and Mom and Dad almost called the police. She was under Rob or Sean's bed behind some boxes.

Carly was the tiniest little girl. When she was four, people thought she and Scott (2) were twins.

Like Kelli, I christened Carly with a ton of slightly mean nicknames. Megacalves, Slick, Little Miss Bobbie Pin, George.

Finally, another favorite, more recent, was Ken Adams, some very random dude that I sat next to on a flight home from Provo to Burbank. He even introduced himself to Dad. I guess he knew Steve Spiker. Then Carly was with me on the flight back and good ole Ken sat next to us again. He had asked around about the Crocketts and found out we were famous (ha ha). He was our new best bud and mentioned to me what a crack up Carly was like he'd known her for years. Then he just disappeared. I don't think Ken Adams was his real name since that's the "fake" name Joey from Friends used.

Carly said...

hahaha. I love that Ken Adams story. Remember how he had that random streak of gray in his hair? Or was it a blonde patch? Good ol' Ken. Didn't mom want you to date him?

I remember that night I hid. I didn't want to brush my teeth.

debora said...

When Carly was about 2 1/2 she had a weird phobia. Every time I turned on the bath water, she would cry hysterically and say "Its going up!, its going up!.

Rob said...

I can't believe no one has mentioned the BLANKIE. That ragged thing was nasty. KC does she still have it?

Ryan said...

Carly makes really good cookies.