Sunday, October 12, 2008


Alrighty! It's Lindsay's turn! Finally!

I'm going to think of some good ones.


debora said...

I remember when Lindsay was an only child...for eighteen months.
Well all the rest of you sibs should know by now that Lindsay is and has been the perfect child.
She's a wonderful example for all the rest of you to look up to.
When Lindsay was in first grade, I made her wear these cute little slip on loafers to school. One day, as she was waiting at the bus stop with Robbie one shoe slipped off and fell into the gutter! Lindsay had to get on the bus and go all the way to school with one shoe.
I apologize Lindz for imposing my fashion sense on you. For the most part you were so obliging.

Sir William the 1st said...
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Sir William the 1st said...

I remember when Lidsay first had tucker I was soooooooo happy!

Scott said...

When Lindsay first went away to college, I believe she and I maintained email correspondence. I don't really know what we always talked about, but I do remember that at the end of every email I would write, "from the coolest ever." Then Lindsay would respond with an email and at the end of hers it would read something like, "from the cooler than the coolest." This would go on and on in every email.

Isn't Lindsay the one that started the lemon-eating trend?

Owen fathead said...

I remember...
actually i`m not sure i remember any memories when Lindsay was a little girl, but i remember when Lindsay had little boys named Tucker and Luke.

Jenni said...

Hey all! I enjoy occasionally reading the family blog!

I think my first real memory w/ Lindsay was, like, yesterday! Haha I was getting slammed by my friends on facebook because my profile pic says "Yes on Prop 8" and Lindsay wrote a really nice comment that made my day! Thanks Lindsay!

~Jenni Ball

Bob C said...

Lindsay was the greatest ever.

Carly said...

Lindsay was always my favorite sister.

I remember when we slept in the basement and Lucas would come downstairs and drool all over us every morning when Dad left for work.

One time Lindsay and I drove back to California from Utah and we missed the Palmdale exit and drove about 20 extra miles toward San Bernardino.

I was there during the early days of Ryan and Lindsay's relationship. I thought he was weird for always giving Lindsay Garfield stuff. But I could tell she really liked him.

Lindsay was really peeved one time when a roommate of hers stole her Nutella. That was the first time I ever tried Nutella. It was beautiful.

Lindsay had the weirdest diet. Canned green beans and toast.

When we were younger we watched Anne of Green Gables ALL THE TIME. We made fun of Merilla (sp?) for doing her weird hand movement. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it Merilla?"

Any time I watch Anne of Green Gables or Little Women or Independence Day I always think of Lindsay. "Let's do it, let's nuke the *#@!#@."

Thanks for being such a great example Lindsay!!

Ryan said...

Just a few of my memories of Lindsay:

Trying to get her to talk to me during our first dates. What a chore. I thought the Garfield Pez dispenser would break the ice.

Going on a walk in waist-high snow during a fierce snow storm on April 10, 2005 (Tucker's due date) to speed up the labor process. He was born two days later.

Visiting the Crockett home with a bunch of friends when we stayed in Huntington Beach for a weekend. I had talked with her several times during the previous year since she had been in my BYU ward, but still didn't know her very well. Before we went swimming, I asked her for a tour of the house. I didn't see anybody except for one of her brothers at the computer (I think it was Rob playing War Craft or something), Debbie (who I couldn't believe was her mother she looked so young), little Willie (who was always near Debbie) and Bob (who fell asleep on his couch in the study watching an episode of The Simpsons or something). We went swimming, but Lindsay didn't go swimming with us...she sat on the lawnchair and talked. She was so beautiful I couldn't help from looking at her. And she couldn't help staring at my muscles. That night was when I decided to get to know her better. I even did a few flips and dives off the diving board to impress her. Were you impressed, Lindz?

Trying to teach her to golf on our second date. She said she had never swung a golf club before, but on her very first swing she crushed the ball with a seven iron. Never played golf before? Yeah right. I quickly realized she was telling the truth when she didn't hit a good shot after that first one.

I could go on and on, but I'd better stop. Needless to say, I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world.

KC said...

I'm jealous, every time I ask Ryan to do a few flips and dives off the diving board to impress me, he refuses.

Kirk said...

I remember being really nervous before I met Lindsay for the first time. I had already met most of the family, but Kelli talked a lot about how much she loved Lindsay. Then once I met her she was really nice, and Tucker and Luke were the coolest little boys.

Kelli said...

Ryan, I'm hurt. Don't you remember talking to me when you visited? I was attempting to hobble up (or down, I don't remember) the stairs on crutches and you asked if I had been eaten by a shark or something. No, not a shark but a deadly gymnastics pit.

Anyways, I have a lot of memories of you Lindsay, but I put the good ones on your blog. But, I do remember other experiences when you were my piano helper. I just remember throwing temper tantrums all the time because I didn't want to practice. Sorry, Linds.

I remember visiting you when you were at college, too. First you lived in Park Place. I drive by that place now and think "Man, that place is a dump! Why did Lindsay live there?" And then you lived in Santa Barbara. I think I went grocery shopping with you once up here.

Also, didn't we go to the airport to see you after you got out of the MTC and before you left for Minnesota? I gave you like a million hugs, so many so that you got annoyed with me. Haha. And when you came home from your mission, right after 9/11, and we had to wait in some weird outside place to get you from the airport.

Ryan said...

Kelli, how could I forget? Of course I remember. You were hobbling down the stairs, and I asked if you had been in a shark attack. You kind of chuckled, gave me a "you're a major dork" look, and said that it was only a gymnastics accident. I suggested you stick to the shark attack story since it was much more exciting.

Casey, I'll think about it next time I'm there.