Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mom, Deb, Mother

So to be fair, we should do memories of Mom and Dad too. I think it would be funny since we ALL have good memories of both of them.

So let's do mom first.

Try not to tease her too much. hehehehehehe.


Tadd said...

I'll say it before everyone else does.

Her battle with anorexia.

debora said...

And that's enough of THAT!!!!! Dang it!

Tadd said...

Wow is that the only memory of Mom?

Carly said...

No no, it's not the only memory. I'm just trying to think of some good ones.

Carly said...

I remember when Mom was pregnant.

Oh wait....

haha jk, remember(older kids) when mom made up some weird song about the Mickey Mouse popcorn popper? Mom, do you still have that thing?

I remember when Mom and Mary Wilson were in their crafty stage. Mom was always in the garage sawing away and painting and crafting. And apparently she's gotten rid of all those things she made. How sad!

debora said...

I think that crafty stage was when Mom was the enrichment leader. When she was realized, she got over all that.

But that reminds me of something else I've always noticed and remembered about Mom--that, no matter how busy she is with other things, she always gives %110 to her callings. She truly magnifies them and serves and loves those under her care. I'm not trying to be cheesy, it's just the truth. I so need to be more like that.

There are lots of other memories I have, some maybe I shouldn't mention (the bird-couch incident). I won't mention many from my teenage years since my perception was clouded back then by own self-involvement.

But, from my earliest years--I remember Mom making us malts almost every night. They were delish. And once, in the Orem townhouse, I was sitting at the table one morning and Mom brought in the newspaper. Suddenly, she screamed and flung the paper to the floor and a big, black cricket crawled out. That made a huge impression on me. I also remember Mom making me chocolate milk in the middle of the night when I was like 2 or 3. I don't think I would ever do that for Tucker; I would say, get over it--I'm so mean.

I'll add more later.

Lindsay said...

Darn it!! That comment was NOT Debora, it was Lindsay. Seriously, why doesn't this browser automatically log people out when they close it and switch users and everything? Come on.

Lindsay said...

Okay, and I meant to say "released" not "realized". Sheesh.

Scott said...

Call Dr. Ashley

Mom screaming at Lindsay to call 911 when I broke my arm.

I could always tell when the kids were about to get a pregnancy announcement. When Dad called us around to tell us he was being called at Bishop I thought number 12 was on the way.

Rob said...

Lindsay, it's called a "cookie." It stays on your computer even after you log out and turn it off. So when you load up your browser again, you are still logged in as that last person. It was created for convenience for the person who has a computer that only they use. You gotta log out!

Carly said...

Awwww...Rob, that was such a sweet memory of Mom.

P.S. Why does our header say Newhall on it now? Are we trying to broadcast to our blog stalkers exactly where we are in case they want to send hate mail? Oh wait, never mind. Dad already gets some.

Rob said...

I think Dad did that. That's how he did his blog.

Lindsay said...

Well, I'm so glad there's a cookie like that on a computer used by only, oh, no less, than 10 or so people. So convenient.

So, I will leave another Mom memory. I remember how sad I was when Mom left CO after Tucker was born. I just bawled as I watched her get into a luxury car with some strange, bearded man and sped away--her getaway car.

KC said...

I remember Debbie grooving at the Concert in the Park and Cindy was so bugged that she was dancing in public.

I also recall Debbie before every running race gets especially giggly, she laughs at everything and makes funny, off the wall comments and then laughs at her own comments in this high pitched giggle scream laugh. Sometimes it is the only reason why I sign up to run a race is to see her get this way.

Sean said...


Cindy said...

putting her leg up on the kitchen counter while wiping the counter with a sponge.

doodling while talking on the phone


I recall a time when she cut her hand really badly and she was gushing blood and I think was trying to stop it from bleeding with a plastic bag

her sports watch that she wears ALL the time. even with nice clothes

the little notes she occasionally left me in my lunch in Elementary school

I remember when Mom was a room mom in my kindergarten class and one day she didn't come and I was NOT happy

During our mountain pass adventure in Colorado, Scott was video-taping in the surburban and you can hear mom talking in the walkie talkie from the other car saying, "I don't like this. I don't like this."

"Put the dishes in the dishwasher..."

secretly video-taping Mom watching T.V. in the kitchen. She was watching some show with a lot of beeping in it. During the T.V. watching Mom took a nearby cup, smelled what was in it, scrunched her nose, but then proceeded to pour it on the counter and take a tissue and do some impromptu wiping of the counter.

all those days I forgot my flute for band in 7th grade and Mom brought it to me

Carly said...

Rob, I'll have you know, your comments don't constitute as "memories."

Cindy those are good ones.

I wonder if mom will ever start up her business? LLL? Oh wait, I think that stands for La Leche League. Okay, so just LL? Lucious Legs? The boys have no clue what I'm talking about.

I found out mom was PG with Will when I was cleaning Dad's office. I was dusting his keyboard and pressed some random keys and his journal popped up. "Debbie is PG with number 11." WHAT?!! So I knew for about 2 weeks before anyone else did. Oh and the fact that Dad would write to Lindsay and Rob that Mom was PG but Mom would come by and quickly blacken out the sentence with permanent marker. I don't think it worked.

And of course the most impressive memories were of Mom's selflessness, her constant giving and her strong, unwavering testimony of the gospel.

Rob said...

Lindsay, remember "the bird" on the couch back on Glenridge?

Kelli said...

Once, during my freshman year of highschool, Mom and I were going to some cheer meeting in the evening at Hart. We were really late, and Mom started to run. Horrified, I quickly advised her, "NEVER RUN, MOM. NEVER RUN."

Obviously, she did not listen to me.

I think when Mom was preggo with Tadd, she used me to tell the rest of the fam. It was before FHE, and she whispered it in my ear and I got to announce it during family home evening.

In addition to her wiping the counter with random water, Mom is of course notorious for swiping your cup, fork, spoon, plate, or anything you leave on the counter for more than .7 seconds.

That one time a whole bunch of us cornered Mom into the mudroom chanting, "Mom, can you make me a sandwich? Mom, can you make me a sandwich?"

All the many, many wonderful meals Mom has ever made us. And every week, before writing the grocery list, she would say, "I hate figuring out what to make for dinner." Well, thanks for doing it anyways Mom.

Lindsay said...

Yes, Rob, I remember and I briefly referred to it in a previous comment.

Mom used to leave me notes in my lunch, too, or on the back of my book covers. It was so nice!

Rob, do remember Mom dumpster diving for the glasses you threw away the day you got them? She went through like 100 kids' school lunches.

Bob C said...

When Mom and I were first married we went for a motorcycle ride. We rode to the ferry terminal in Seattle and got on the ferry to go to Bellingham. It was about 10 at night and right after a Seahawks game; the boat was crowded.

As were were just pulling into Bellingham, Mom remarked: "So, when does this thing leave Seattle?"

We were trapped with 5 young kids on a remote dirt road in Montana, and we had just driven by a major drug transloading operation. I told Mom that we needed to turn around immediately and hightail it back to civilization, but we were towing a trailer with all our camping gear and we were on a very narrow road. Pregnant Mom helped me pick up the trailer and inch it around so we could turn around.

Sir William the 1st said...

I remember when mom was using the computer along time ago and when she typed on the d and s a giant bug popped out. that's what mom thought. That the bug was giant

Davy said...

I remember Debbie feeding me dinners several nights per week in the tiny house behind the BYU law school. I would wonder how Bob convinced such a nice girl to marry him. Still can't figure that out.