Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So is it Rob's turn? Sean, are you even reading any of these?

Anyway, there are too many kids in this family. Dad and Mom should have stopped at me.

Okay, so leave a memory of Rob. I'm sure the younger kids won't be participating much anymore seeing as this is the first family.


Carly said...

I remember going to see Rob play with his Jazz ensemble at Home Town Buffet during Christmas. They were very good. Whitney, does Rob ever serenade you with his saxaphone?

When I was in pageantry (gag barf) I was instantly popular (as popular as you can be with bandos) because I was "Rob's little sister."

Of course I remember Rob's little idiosyncrasies. Twisting his hair, shaking his leg. Whitney does he still twist his hair?

Tadd said...
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debora said...

I remember having to hide the eyes of the red rocking horse every night because Robbie said it was staring at him.
Little Robbie, just out of the bath, was bending over his dresser drawer looking for his jammies. He shoved the drawer shut and....ohhhhh, not good. Ask him about it Whitney.
I can do a pretty mean imitation of Rob sitting at the computer, bouncing his left knee up and down, while simultaneously twisting his hair with his right hand.
I remember Rob reading the entire Book of Mormon when he was eight.
Windy days and nights were a nightmare situation for poor Robbie.
One day crazy dog Bud ran away. Good ole Rob, I think he was 8 or 9, chased him for blocks and blocks and brought him safely home.
One more. Rob putting the fire extinguisher in Dad's hand at a very critical moment. Someone who was there might want to elaborate.

KC said...

It's funny, I was in the same grade as Rob and we went to the same schools from 7th to 12th grade. I don't think we spoke one word to each other those 6 years, not because we disliked one another, but we didn't have a single class together (I wasn't smart enough to be in Rob's classes)

Not even one year of seminary now that I think of it. He was in the early early morning class, I was just early morning.

I remember him seeming like a nice guy all those years, turns out I was correct. Rob has always been sincere and very friendly, which is impressive since I married his younger sister. I don't think I'm as nice to my sister's husbands.

Scott said...

I remember when Rob, Sean, and I lived in that big room at the end of the hall at the house on Glendridge. After the 94' earthquake everyone would get pretty excited during an aftershock. Rob especially. In our room we had our own bathroom and a couple of times, when Rob was sitting on the pot, I would shake those big sliding glass mirrors, thus simulating an earthquake (at least the noises). Then I would hear Rob yell, "hey guys, can you feel that?!"

Speaking of that bathroom, I also remember that while it had a lock, if you ran at it pretty hard and gave it a shove it would open. Once again I remember that one time while Rob was doing his business I shoved the door open, and he got pretty mad.

Sorry all of my memories involve Rob going #2.

Lindsay said...

Scott, you make me laugh.

One of my earliest Rob memories was way, way back in the Orem townhouse. Dad had a motorcycle back then and he once took Rob and I for rides on it. Robbie went first (he was probably like Luke's age) and when they came back he was screaming. When it was my turn, I wasn't really scared but I screamed anyway because Rob had been screaming. I didn't want to outdone.

Rob and I would play Trivial Pursuit with Aunt Karen sometimes. If he lost, he'd lose it. I have a distinct memory of his red, scrunched up face, mouth wide open, wailing for all he was worth. Sorry to beat you Rob. He's always been extremely competitive.

We played lots of games together as kids--school, house, dogs, etc. I also remember walks to the busstop together. We walked with this girl Mom babysat named Lindsay Walker. Once, this Lindsay and I plotted that instead of going to the busstop, we three would all hide out on the street somewhere, let the bus leave us and then ditch school. We planned to sneak up to Lindsay's empty house and, I don't know, watch TV all day? I was in first grade, Rob was in kindergarten. Well, on the appointed ditching day, right before we were supposed to leave for the "busstop", Rob broke down to Mom, bawling of course (he cried a lot), and told her all about my dreadful plan. I think Mom was just amused.

Okay, one more: I'll always remember our walks with Bud. He was not fun to walk. He outweighed us both combined and if he saw another dog, a cat, or who knows what, he would chase it. So, when we'd walk him around the neighborhood, if we saw another dog in the distance, we'd either turn around or, if there was no time, we would both stop Bud, grab the leash and brace ourselves. It was often to no avail. Bud would spot the dog and drag us, our feet slapping on the asphalt in a futile effort to slow him down, up to the poor unsuspecting dog and his walker. I remember the looks on some people's faces--sometimes fear, sometimes amusement. We eventually learned that the best place to walk him was in some empty lots near our house with no other dogs or people.

Rob said...

Haha Lindsay I remember walking Bud. We would be overcome with worry (well at least I would) when we saw another dog across the street. He would drag us around.

I don't remember that Lindsay Walker story though. I don't even remember Lindsay Walker.

KC, I'm sorry to say that I think the only memory I have of you in high school is when you were on the homecoming court and you were riding on top of the fire truck on campus.

Carly said...

Ha ha. Casey HATES the fact that he was on Homecoming Court. He always tells me not to tell other people.

Ryan said...

Last summer Rob and I climbed Mt. Massive with my buddy and his brother-in-law. It was a great time talking with Rob the whole way up, enjoying the beauty of the mountains. He talked a lot about this Whitney girl, and told me not to tell anyone her name (even Lindsay) becuase he wasn't sure if it would work out or not yet. He was really excited she was a Lakers fan.

I felt bad because the night before we took a wrong turn and met Rob in Leadville several hours later than we had planned. Policeman Joe kept harrassing him while he waited for us.

whitney said...

Wow. I have so many memories and it has just been barely over a year that I have known Rob. I was just saying to him last night that I already do not remember what life was like before him.

Yes, Carly, the incessant twisting of the hair and shaking of the leg still goes on. I have found myself reaching over during our prayers at night and placing my hand on his head to get him to stop with the twisting.

Scott, I understand why you have so many memories that involve Rob . . . umm. . . doing that. He definately takes his time :) (Sorry babe, I love you)

And Lindsay, the competitive comment made me laugh. Once, when we were playing Speed one Saturday just to pass the time, I had won three times in a row. Then Rob won. I said, "Good job!" and gave him a high five. What did he do? He continued to rub it in my face, even though I didn't really care that I had lost. He apparently cared very much that he had won.

Okay, I have to get back to work. More to come later.

Lindsay said...

Casey! I don't think I knew this! Were you the standard "Mormon" nominee?

Ha ha, Whitney! I'm not surprised he still twists his hair. Now, does it still stick up in the back from the constant twisting? He must use a lot of hair product because I haven't noticed recently.

Oh, poor Rob. Such a Nervous Nelly.

debora said...

I know this is Rob's turn but, I definitely think we need a picture of Casey riding on the fire truck doing the whole parade wave thing. Awww. It's so good to know these things.
I loved watching and listening to Rob play the sax in his jazz band. He was one cool cat.