Saturday, October 4, 2008


Even though Sean has been slacking on the comments lately (AHEM SEAN!!!) I guess we'll still do him.


Carly said...

Four "words:"


Scott said...

Hanging with the Glendridge gang back in the day. The tent camp-outs in the Knudsen's back yard, those were definitely interesting.

I remember going down with Sean to the Basin Park and catching tadpoles and frogs all day long. Then we would bring them back up to our house where they would dry out.

Sean was also a huge Wade Boggs fan. Rob like Darryl Strawberry

Lindsay said...

I vaguely remember when Sean was born and when he came home from the hospital.

As a little toddler, Sean loved bugs. He would collect them and cart them around in shoe boxes. And he also ate them. He had a snail in his mouth once--I don't remember if I actually saw that or if I just remember Mom talking about it. I do remember seeing him with roly polys in his mouth. Yum.

Sean has always been the funny one. He can always crack a good joke.

One summer we called him the Sandal-Tan Man because he had such a tan from his sandals. I don't know why we thought that was so funny.

Sean, Rob, Carly and I played some game called "Shells On"! I think Carly was some monster chasing us and we would protect ourselves by throwing crouching on the ground with blanket thrown over our head--our "shells".

debora said...

When Sean was younger he suffered form night-terrors. I remember many a night sitting up with him, calming him down and telling him over and over-"Its okay Sean, you're home, you're safe, I'm here. Poor little boy.
As a toddler I could keep Seanie entertained for hours by giving him a garden hose with a little water trickling out.
I remember going to Sean's basket ball games. He was pretty determined and a good shot.

KC said...

I like it when Sean tells all his mission stories about his interesting companions.

Rob said...

Lots of memories with Sean - baseball cards, comic books, riding our bikes to the comic book/baseball card stores on Lyons Ave. (we were so awesome), riding to the arcade at the new mall, catching frogs at Basin Park, pogs, baseball games on the cul-de-sac at Glenridge.

About comic book cards - I remember one summer (1992) we were anticipating the release of the Marvel Masterpiece series, a beautiful set of cards. One day we road down to the store, and the guy at the store told us that they were in! He handed us a stack of cards to look through. I am pretty sure Sean had all of them in his hands. He wasn't going to buy ALL of them, so as he was flipping through I noticed Wolverine and snatched it out of his hands. I bought it for myself. He was pretty upset. I felt bad about it for a long time afterwards.

It's a pretty awesome card.

By the way, has anyone (boys) seen it? It's in a red pencil box somewhere at home. I couldn't find it when I loaded up a ton of my stuff to take to Utah. Also I can't find any of my comic books. Hand them over. I had the whole Gambit series.

Carly said...

Remember when Sean lost his Laker's hat on a roller coaster? Sad day.

I also enjoyed that "Wild Thing" Dance performance you all put on back in the day. You guys had some good moves. I wish we had video taped that or something. That would be hilarious to watch now.

Rob said...

It was video taped Carly but by some other family. Whew.

Ryan said...

Sean was the last member of the family I got to meet since he was serving his mission when Lindsay and I got married. My first impressions of him were how easy he was to talk with, how much he loved serving the Lord during his mission, and how intelligent he is.

debora said...

Sorry, I can't resist-Sean, was Dad wearing a George Washington wig in that picture? You were such a cute little boy.

Carly said...

Every time I See this picture I think dad's wearing a bandanna.

Sean said...

Karate Kid is a heckuva movie, Carly.