Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay I finally got around to doing Dad's post! His turn for memories! Make 'em count!


Lindsay said...

Sigh. Ryan commented recently that he thinks this blog is dying. Please don't let it be true, guys.

Anyway--Dad memories.

I remember when Dad was in that pioneer musical and he was the bishop and acted and sang a solo. I was very impressed.

The trip to MX with Rob and Dad was a great memory. For me and Rob, it was our first experience seeing Dad not in charge, not knowing what was going on, a bit baffled all because of the language barrier. It was eye-opening. I remember visiting with some of Rob's peeps and they'd say, (in Spanish, of course), "Oh, look at your poor dad. He's probably really tired and bored." And then we'd all look at him sitting in the corner and he was just staring off into space. It was a great trip.

I'm not being very creative right now, so I'll add some funnier ones later.

Carly said...
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Carly said...

Yeah don't die! Don't let it die!

I remember jet-skiing all the time. It was a lot of fun. Once, I was on the back with dad driving and he'd always try to do something to scare me. He decided to randomly jump off the jet ski as it was going pretty fast. I stayed on and he was floundering in the water and then shouted, "Where did my sunglasses go? Those were (insert large amount of $)!" hahaha. What a dork.

Another time--dad used to take me along on his errands as a form of punishment. I had to sit and wait in the car (his old corvette) while he went into the plant nursery. Well I got bored so I found some large collector's coin and accidentally dropped it into the crack of the steering wheel. The horn then started in on one looooon honk and I had no idea how to fix it. I started to freak out and cry. The window was down and some man came and pulled on the steering wheel until it stopped. I'm sure he probably thought it was a strange situation. Then when Dad started to drive and turn, the coin in the steering wheel would hit the horn and his vette would honk in random intervals. He kept saying, "Is that MY car?" so I finally told him what happened. Looking back it 's pretty funny.

Scott said...

Lindsay's description of the Mexico trip sounds pretty familiar to Dad picking me up in Brazil. It was a lot of fun - we got to visit my areas and see a lot of great sites. Dad did appear a little lost at times, especially when he tried to use his Spanish skills with Portuguese speakers. Then as we were trying to get home and having issues with Brazilian flights, Dad made sure that all of the missionaries got new flights and that they made it home. I thought that was great.

NateDawg said...

In Cancun last Christmas:

"Someone took the keys to our car so they could come back and steal things from it!" Then mom found it in their room.

debora said...

I'm nearing the end of very intense, drug-free labor with Rob and somehow through the haze of pain I hear the beginning of this conversation "So Dr. Anderson what do you think of BYU football this year?"
I remember painting the sewer in Federal Way, WA with Dad right after we were married. It was our first and last job together. He was SO bossy. Apparently I was clueless about the correct painting techniques.

debora said...

I also remember Dad's trip to Brazil to get Scott. Dad would call me and say. 'I missed my flight, I can't find Scott." Scott would call me and say " Mom where's Dad. He wasn't on this flight" Uh guys, I'm in Cali-you're both in
Brazil. Find each other.
I greatly appreciated Dad taking all you kids to Magic Mountain for some good fun and memories. Amusement parks are not my cup of tea and it was so nice to relax at home.

KC said...

I liked it when Bob went to the bathroom in the roped off and heavily signed "natural preserve" area before a trail race and all the granolas had gasps on their faces.

Debbie said, "Bob, that is a nature preserve where you just urinated" and Bob said "Huh, what, really?"

Rob said...

A couple of months ago I think Dad got lost on purpose on Mount Nebo so he could run straight up the side of mountain in thick underbrush.

Dad's been such a good fan for my school, Cal, over the years. One day we'll get USC, Dad, and the Bakers will be there.

Rob said...

I also remember a couple of years ago running the Salt Lake Marathon with Dad. I ran the half, he ran the full. After about 5 minutes he just took off and I would have died at 3 miles if I kept his pace. I had to let my old man, in his 50s, while I was in my 20s, run off into the distance. Very humiliating moment. But I was also very proud of dad.

As he crossed the finish line 4 hours later, I was very inspired. I thought...he's my hero. Made me want to run a full marathon one day even though I clearly don't enjoy it as much as Mom, Dad, or Lindsay. Oh, also...I'm too tall. That's my favorite excuse.

Scott said...

Seriously Rob. I feel pretty embarrassed that Mom and Dad can outrun me, a 22-year old, in his prime. I tried running with Mom this summer and I think she probably had a good little chuckle over the fact that even though she ran 2 more miles than me she still beat me home (although I did start after her, which is a small consolation).

My plan is, I'm going to train for a couple years, and when I'm ready, I'll challenge them to a race. By then they will be nearing the 60's and they will HAVE to be a little slower, right?

debora said...

Excuse me a COUPLE of years we will NOT be nearing our sixties. don't push it buddy.
Dad is an amazing person.

Carly said...

Dad always goes above and beyond when it comes to helping other people. The level of his generosity is astounding. I'm sure all of you know that though.

On the same note, I was so proud when I was able to see Dad win Lawyer of Year from JRCLS. (too lazy to type that out). At that moment he really did become a BSL.

Davy said...

I remember painting the sewer in Federal Way with Bob too. Your mom took over for me when I left on my mission. One day we were painting an underground sewer station that would take two days. After the first day, Bob painted the words, "Beat it!" on the locked hatch. Next day a neighbor chewed us out for painting that. Another time, Bob didn't put the brake on good enough on the sewer truck while we were installing a fence. The truck went in reverse and the open door of the truck got caught on a pole and did a bunch of damage to the door.

Turns out our boss later got fired from the district...I heard because of all the LDS kids he hired.

My fondest memories of Bob is on the trail. Watching him lose things left and right. I swear, if I backpacked with Bob for two weeks, his pack would be empty.

Davy said...

You'll have to confirm this story, but I am told when I was just a wee lad, Bob purposely tipped over my high chair because he was jealous of me.

He probably knew that I would eventually out run him. He wanted to try to get an edge early.

Ryan said...

I really appreciated Bob coming out to Colorado to stand in the baby blessing for Tucker.