Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tadd Can Date! Will Is Eight!

Yes the day has come. Tadd is sixteen today and Will is going to be baptized next month.
Happy birthday guys!!! Thanks for being wonderful sons. Thanks Tadd for being such a good sport sharing your birthday all these years.
I love you Tadd.
I love you Will.


Lindsay said...

Wow, I can't believe Tadd is 16. When I read that he can date, my first thought was, no, that's a joke. But, yikes, it's not. Play Scrambled Eggs and go out for a cheese on a stick, Tadd, for your first date, just so I can still think of you as a little boy. Happy birthday!

And happy birthday to Will! Eight's a big age! Hopefully we can come to your baptism.

Rob said...

Wow I guess we really can't call Tadd one of the little boys anymore.

Happy birthday you two. Will, Whitney and I will be there for your baptism! We are looking forward to it.

Scott said...

Happy birthday boys. Is Tadd driving yet? I wish I could be there for the baptism!

KC said...

Way to go guys!!!!

Tadd-does that mean you will actually start going to the Stake dances?

Will- I was 9 when I was your age.

debora said...

You mean you won't be here for Will's baptism Scott? I'm hoping you and Kel and Kirk can come for that weekend. Last Crockett child to be baptized.

Scott said...

They are driving? It's going to be tough for me to get away from school stuff for that long. What weekend is it?

debora said...

Saturday, Feb.21st.

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Thaddeus and William. FYI, I called to say happy birthday to you both, but you were at Tadd's basketball game. Just in case Cindy didn't give you the message.

You know we'd love to go back to California for any reason, especially the baptism, but us poor newlyweds can't fork it out for those plane tickets! And school is grueling these days. We really wish we could be there, though.

Tadd, only 4 more years of being a hulking teenager - live it up.

Will, happy birthday! Only 5 more years until you get to be a hulking teenager, woo hoo!

Ryan said...

Happy Birthday Tadd and Will.

Tadd, no single dating with the ladies, or they'll try to take advantage of you. Stick to double-dating with Cindy.

Will, I can't believe you were younger than Tucker is when I first met you. You were pretty cute. I'm excited for you to be baptized. Who's going to baptize you?