Sunday, June 14, 2009

On top again

...been waiting for that for a while now.

Carly, this one is especially for you:

Props to Tadd and myself for correctly predicting the exact outcome.


debora said...

Did shed those tears of joy Rob?
Yeah Lakers!! Way to go Kobe!!

Lindsay said...

Go Lakers! Cindy and I were happy for them here in CO.

Bob C said...

I was on top of the family brackets; the only one to predict the Magic in the finals.

Scott said...

Such a fun team to watch. What am I going to do with my free time now?

I decided my obsession was getting bad when I found myself watching all of media day in between games.

The Wifey said...

Har har. Those in between clips of the Lakers caressing the trophy or warming their hands by it were SO STUPID. Could they have gotten any cheesier?

Did Whitney need to tell you to stop sobbing after awhile?

debora said...

Try not to sound so bitter Carly.
I can't wait for next season.

whitney said...

Rob actually behaved himself pretty well. He knows I hate it when I can see that Kobe can make him happier than I ever will be able to :)

KC said...

Lakers played really well. I already placed an order for a Kobe jersey. I will wear it with pride.

debora said...

hey this is actually Owen. I forgot my password for my account.

Go Lakers! I thought it was pretty exciting in game four when Derek fisher hit those two big threes, But i still think Kobe was the best in the series. Especially against the Nuggets, But i do feel bad for Ryan.
Just can't wait till' next season.