Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family History

Now that I've been released I'm going to turn to digitizing our thousands of family photos. I've half-heartedly done some of that in the last six years. It is a lot of work. Scanners are still really slow and the software not cooperative.

My cousin Bruce Brereton (on the Crockett side, he was a Wordperfect millionaire in the 1980s and retired young) sent me some family photos which I post here. I'll take these down after a few weeks because they take some much space.

Some comments: Debora Ann Wright, photo 1840, was my great-grandmother's (Margaret Biggs Comish) grandmother.

My grandparents were Earl and Della (Comish) Crockett. They had the following children: Marian, Robert (Bob), David and Margaret.

Earl obtained his doctorate at Berkeley and taught in North Dakota and the University of Colorado after being strongly encouraged by the Church's Trustees to come to BYU in around 1959. BYU was then not fully accredited and Earl was an accreditation expert, sitting on a national accreditation committee.

Note the great shot of my great grandfather George Comish at the Salt Lake temple in 1952. He died in 1955. I don't remember him. Too bad my parents didn't get a picture of him holding me.

In 1957 my uncle Dave came to Germany to tour German with us when we lived there.

When we returned from Germany, one of the first things we had was a family reunion in 1960. Lots of shots there.

There are lots of shots in 1972 at my grandparents' 50th anniversary. I am notably not there, having been exiled to El Paso.

There is a 1974 photo of my grandparents, my uncle Dave and my aunt Geneve. I remember aunt Geneve well; she was my grandmother's sister. She was very quiet. There's a great picture from 1960 of my grandmother and her sisters Reata and Geneve.

There is a 1975 photo "1975 Della Marian Carol Margaret" Carol Brereton is my first cousin and I was quite close to her when the two of us attended BYU in 1973. We hit it off when we had to register for classes. I used to complain about her boyfriends and she would tell me to mind my own business.

There are lots of pictures of Margaret (Meg), my aunt. She lives close to me; in Santa Barbara County. My uncle Dave worked for HP and then started his owned business and became extremely successful. He was the inventor of the "Crockett Box," an acoustic coupling telephone modem. My Aunt Marian passed away at an early age in the 1980s. Her husband, Don Brereton, was an executive for G.E. in Schenectady.


Lindsay said...

Great pictures. I loved looking at them. I really like the pictures of your dad and Jammie and the kids. I also like the very old ones--neat to see the people I come from. And, yes, you are notably absent from the 50th anniversary pics. Is that postcard from your dad to you? Pretty cool to have that. THanks for sharing!

Rob said...

Looks like that post card is from great-grandpa Earl to grandpa Robert.

Whitney's grandparents worked for the church's universities. Her grandpa was the president of BYU-Hawaii at one point and a Dean at BYU. He was good friends with Earl and his wife, who were quite a bit older. It's fun to hear him talk about them.

The Wifey said...

I love seeing these pictures! It's fun to know where we came from and who our ancestors are.

Casey and I did 19 initiatories for Mom's side of the family on Friday night. It was a cool experience.