Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Grand Canyon Pictures

I finally have a free moment to post some pictures from the trip.

Mom, Whitney, and I went on a hike down to Roaring Springs, about 5 miles down into the canyon. It took us 6 hours in the heat of the day. I got mild heat exhaustion. Mom crushed me. Whitney would have kept up but she felt sorry for me and stayed back with me. Dad did the same hike in 3 hours in the late afternoon/evening.

Our campsite. Exciting.

Cindy talked Tadd down from a ledge. Glad you didn't go through with it Tadd. I don't care what everyone says at school, I like you.

We had our best view of the canyon at the end of a 2 mile hike. 270 degree view.

You can see the Colorado here.

Cindy was a blast the entire trip and definitely had the best attitude out of everyone.

Whitney and I went on a little hike the next day after everyone left. Then we went out to Lake Powell, which was a blast. Check out our blog soon (hopefully) for pictures of the rest of our vacation.


Cindy said...

Oh Rob you are such a great brother for posting such wonderful pictures of me. Not.

The Wifey said...

It's a little weird when you can't tell who's who in the pictures of Mom and Whitney.

debora said...

Thanks for posting the pics Rob. it really was a fun trip, great to spend time with you two. Good memories.

Bob C said...

I really miss that time together. I wish it could have been longer. What a great get-away.

Rob said...

We're going to have to change editing permissions. Only the author of a post should be able to change it.

debora said...

I agree.