Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chocolate anyone?

The phone rings at the Crockett home:
Owen answers: "Hello"
Unknown caller:" Do you have a chocolate lab?"
Owen:" Uh,"
Caller:" Umm...okay. Bye"

phone rings again.
Owen: "Hello"
Caller: "Do you have a chocolate lab?"
Owen: ""
Caller: "Are you SURE, because the tag says..661-xxx-xxxx?"
Owen: "Oh....uh, you mean like a dog?"
Caller: "YES, A DOG.

Owen in the car as he was relating this story: " They could at least have said Labrador."


Lindsay said...

Ha ha!! That's hilarious. You're so funny Owen. Sure, you guys do experiments on chocolate, right? See how much chocolate can be consumed by one family?

Does this mean Leo is running loose around the neighborhood?

The Wifey said...

Hey Owen where are you right now?

Funniest story ever!

Kelli said...

"I thought he meant, you know, where they make chocolate."

Owen, you are so entertaining.

Cindy said...

Oh man that is classic. Classic Owen! so, so funny.

KC said...

That is better than when Owen suggested that Carly and I name our second child Creedence.

Sir William the 1st said...