Sunday, November 1, 2009

Somebody remarked: "Are you sure you want to let your smoking hot wife out of the house?"


The Wifey said...

Where are the fake piercings mom?? Your hair is a little too tame as well.

Those boots are cute though. haha.

Lindsay said...

Dad, you and Ryan were pretty close to the same thing! Except you should have gotten some tattoo sleeves yourself to look like a real Nuggets player.

Mom, you going to be pairing those boots with a skirt anytime soon?

You guys look too young to be my parents.

Cindy said...

what. the. crap.

Kelli said...

Oh my.

debora said...

Yeah Lindz, a skirt and maybe some fishnet stockings. hahahaha, so ridiculous.
Thanks for letting me borrow your lovely boots Carly. How long have you had those, btw?