Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well guys, look what I found.  So young, so fresh! Mom had a nice tan and looks pretty much the same, and check out Dad in that white jacket, black lapels, and bow tie.  Not to mention his awesome head of hair.  Plus, anyone think that Tadd looks a heck of a lot like Dad in this pic?  
Those are some good lookin' people, our parents.  And this was only, what, 33 years ago?  Way to go guys.


Lindsay said...

Awesome suit, Dad. Love the bow tie. And you were quite the blondie. Tadd does look like Dad. I think this also looks like Scott. In fact, didn't someone once say that Mom and Dad's wedding pics look like Scott and Kelli? Ha ha. Mom, you were such a baby. So young and innocent. Thanks for sharing, Kel.

KC said...

when did kelli and tadd go to a dance together? was it a 70's them dance or something?

KC said...