Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To all the wonderful moms in our family!

Lindsay-you are such a great example to us all.  I look up to more than you know and I'm grateful you had children first, so I can learn the right way to raise children.  I love you!

Whitney- Wow.  You amaze me.  Let's just say all the other brothers in the family have some SERIOUS pressure.  Rob-a job well done.  Whitney is real, loving, caring, intelligent and watching her interact with Z is the best.  Zane, Rob and Whitney were meant to be together.  He is so loved.  By everyone.  I love you!

Kelli-a new mom!  You have taken to the role with such ease.  You make it look a little too easy perhaps.  Ace is so lucky to have you and Kirk.  It's been fun seeing the changes in you since becoming a mother.  The role suits you well. I love you!

Cindy- I think I can safely speak for every sister in our family that Cindy is like a second mother to all of our children.  Mothering is second nature to her.  She knows what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and she does it well.  Our kids adore her and love her.  Thank you Cindy for everything.  We all love you!

And of course, Mom.  Everything I think to say seems so trite.  Because really, there is nothing I can say that would fully express our gratitude for you in all our lives.  No words that can adequately describe how much we love you.  So a "thank you" will have to suffice.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you for dropping everything and helping me  with my girls time and time again.  Thank you for your advice, your friendship, your example and your love.   We love you!



Cindy said...

I am so blessed to have five amazing examples of what being a mother truly is. All of you are so incredible with your kids and mothering is only second nature to me because I really do learn from the best. Happy Mother's Day to each one of you!!

Scott said...

Happy mother's day Mom and Sisters and Sis-in-law!

Lindsay said...

Let's not forget you, Carly! You do an amazing job at both fostering and reigning in those lively little spirits in your girlies. And you are also so good at mothering any little newborn baby whose life you are a part of. I am always so impressed by the confidence and ease at which you handle babies who not even your own. You're incredible! Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers!

Rob said...

Happy mother's day everyone. Mom, can you Skype today?

Kelli said...

Thanks Carly! You are a wonderful mother as well and I look up to you in many ways. Thanks for being such a wonderful example. Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I love all of you.

debora said...

Happy Mother's Day to all my wonderful daughters!! Lindsay, Whitney, Carly, Kelli and future mother, Cindy. I love each one of you with all my heart.

whitney said...

Carly! Thank you so much! You are an amazing mother as well. And an amazing daughter, sister, sister-in-law and friend.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you! I am so grateful to now have wonderful sisters and an exquisite mother-in-law! I am so lucky to be a part of this family.