Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Gift Exchange!! (get excited!)

This year we are doing a separate gift exchange among the grandchildren and they will exchange gifts when we are all together in Utah after Christmas. The rest of us are exchanging gifts as usual, to be opened on Christmas. Here are the lists:

Bob gives to SEAN
Debbie gives to CARLY
Lindsay gives to ROB
Ryan gives to WHITNEY
Rob gives to RYAN
Whitney gives to KELLI
Sean gives to TADD
Casey gives to OWEN
Carly gives to WILL
Scott gives to LINDSAY
Kirk gives to NATE
Kelli gives to SCOTT
Cindy gives to CASEY
Tadd gives to CINDY
Nate gives to BOB
Owen gives to DEBBIE
Will gives to KIRK

The grandchildren:

Tucker gives to ZANE
Cadence gives to JETT
Luke gives to CADENCE
Maya gives to LUKE
Ruby gives to MAYA
Zane gives to RUBY
Ace gives to TUCKER
Jett gives to ACE

Happy Holidays! Happy Shopping! Love you all and can't wait to see you in December!


debora said...

Thanks Whitney!

Carly said...

Sounds good..the only thing though, can I suggest that we switch Ace to have TUCKER and Luke give to CADENCE so that Luke can give to a cousin and not his brother?

Is that ok? Or will Ace be P.O'd that we switched him?

Lindsay said...

Just so you know, I second Carly's suggestion. It was a joint effort.

whitney said...

Sure, we were thinking that too. We just randomly drew names. Sorry you have to buy four gifts Linds.
This is Whitney.

whitney said...

Haha. Thought that was going to show up as Debbie.

Kelli said...

What the h? You think you can give Ace the shaft?

Jk. That's fine with Ace. We talked it over. So he'll give to Tucker?

Lindsay said...

I don't mind buying four gifts because most of my kids will be picking out the gift themselves...and we'll probably be doing that at the dollar section at Target. Hopefully everyone else is on board with keeping the cousin exchange low key/cost! After all, it's mostly all about them getting to pick out something for their cousin (at least for the ones old enough to understand), right?

Carly said...

I plan on having my kids shop at Tiffany's.

debora said...

I fixed the grandchildren gift exchange. Hope that's good for all the cousins.